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Anime Profile: Yugo the Negotiator

USA Info
Japanese Info
Yugo the Negotiator Yugo Negotiator(勇午 ~交渉人~) Yugo the Negotiator
13 TV Episodes 13 TV Episodes
July 26, 2005 February 24, 2004
ADV Films Artland/G&G Direction/KIDS STATION/Yugo Production Committee
  Shinji Makari, Shuu Akana
  Seiji Kishi, Shinya Hanai
Action, Drama, Mystery, Psychological Action, Drama, Mystery, Psychological
Ahmad Ahmad
· · ·
Garahowa Garahowa
· · ·
Haji Rahmani Haji Rahmani
· · ·
Laila Raira
· · ·
Lieutenant Colonel Shadle Lieutenant Colonel Shadle
· · ·
Mariko Mariko
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Yugo the Negotiator

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Ahmad Ahmad Najenka Najenka
Garahowa Garahowa Rashid Rashid
Haji Rahmani Haji Rahmani Reiichi Kogure Reiichi Kogure
Laila Raira Ruba Ruba
Lieutenant Colonel Shadle Lieutenant Colonel Shadle Tonoi Tonoi
Mariko Mariko Yugo Beppu Yugo Beppu
Mayuko Mayuko Yusef Ali Mesa Yusef Ali Mesa

Anime Description: Yugo the Negotiator

Yugo Beppu is a master negotiator who has never lost a case. He is an expert at Psychological manipulation and has mastered multiple languages. Yugo has vowed to take on any case no matter what or where it may take him.

However, his skills are put to the ultimate test when he travels to the foreign lands of the Middle East in order to rescue a girl's father from a group of rebels trying to overthrow the government. And then another mission that awaits him afterwards in Russia.

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