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Anime Profile: Zaion ~I Wish You Were Here~

USA Info
Japanese Info
Zaion ~I Wish You Were Here~~Anata ga koko ni Itehoshii~ ("i -wish you were here-") (ο½žγ‚γͺγŸγŒγ“γ“γ«γ„γ¦γ»γ—γ„ο½ž)Zaion ~I Wish You Were Here~
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i -wish you were here-
4 OVA Episodes4 OVA Episodes
September 30, 2003October 4, 2001
Yasuo Hasegawa
Seiji Mizushima
Drama, Romance, Sci-FiDrama, Romance, Sci-Fi
Ai βŠ•Ai βŠ•
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Aono βŠ•Aono βŠ•
· · ·
Chanpua βŠ•Chanpua βŠ•
· · ·
Domeki βŠ•Domeki βŠ•
· · ·
Kaneshiro βŠ•Kaneshiro βŠ•
· · ·
Kudou βŠ•Kudou βŠ•
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Characters: Zaion ~I Wish You Were Here~

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Ai βŠ• Ai βŠ• Kurosawa βŠ• Kurosawa βŠ•
Aono βŠ• Aono βŠ• Mitsuki βŠ• Mitsuki βŠ•
Chanpua βŠ• Chanpua βŠ• Satake βŠ• Satake βŠ•
Domeki βŠ• Domeki βŠ• Tao βŠ• Tao βŠ•
Kaneshiro βŠ• Kaneshiro βŠ• Tatsumi βŠ• Tatsumi βŠ•
Kudou βŠ• Kudou βŠ• Yuji Tamiya βŠ• Yuji Tamiya βŠ•

Description: Zaion ~I Wish You Were Here~

In the year 2000, a meteorite falls on a mountain North of Texas in the United States. This meteor carried a deadly new virus known as "M34." M34 yielded horrifying results, turning people into monstrous creatures upon infection. Worst of all, the virus was contagious, spreading all over the world and becoming humanity's ultimate threat.

As M34 spreads, many organizations are created to fight off the virus. One of the groups, NOA, has created a nanomachine used in order to fight off the M34 infection. But the virus grows even stronger, leaving the fate of humanity in the hands of a 16-year old girl named Ai, who mysteriously has the power to fight off the M34. She joins Yuji, an NOA soldier on a mission to save humanity from the M34.

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