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Bit CloudBit CloudBit Cloud (Zoids New Century Zero)
16 years16 years
Emerald greenEmerald green
About 5'9"About 175 cm
Junk dealer turned Zoid pilotJunk dealer turned Zoid pilot
"Even thieves like me have some sense of honor!"
Richard Ian Cox
Zoids New Century ZeroZoids Shinseiki /0

Character Description: Bit Cloud

Down on his luck but bristling with ambition, Bit Cloud blithely went out and did something no one else would've tried: drive right in the middle of a Zoid battle in search of scrap parts! He had an ace in the hole, though. His truck was invisible to scanners. His dream was to scrounge up enough pieced to build his own Zoid

But then, Bit got a bit greedy, and he was caught by the Blitz Team (then led by Leon). He was tied up and forced to spend the night in the Zoid bay...with a rather tempramental Zoid dubbed Liger Zero. Until now, no one had been able to tame this wild machine.

But then, the next day, as the Blitz Team stepped up against the Tigers Team, an unexpected teammate appeared. Apparently, the Liger Zero had beckoned Bit to climb in, and it had joined the fight. Bit registered with the Judge... and thus became a Zoid pilot. Though shaky and confused at first, Bit and the Liger Zero soon established a bond: a bond that would give rise to an incredible pair. Now, Bit tries his best to fight, win, and hopefully pay back his debts to Dr. Toros and the Blitz Team.

Given the right pilot, the Liger Zero is a Zoid with almost no limits to its potential. It's fast and maneuverable, capable of dashing past, jumping over, and weaving around long-range attacks so it can get up close, where its Strike Laser Claw gives it the advantage. Besides the basic system, Dr. Toros acquires three additional Conversion Armor Systems for it. The Jager high-speed unit makes it one of the fastest Zoids around, giving it even more capabilities to close in with the Strike Laser Claw. The Schneider blade unit gives the Liger penetrating power with its Buster Slash and (eventually) its Seven-Blade Attack. Finally, the Panzer heavy assault unit provides extra-heavy armor, two Hybrid Cannons, and a missile barrage attack called the Burning Big Bang. The Panzer is so heavy that Liger can't be catapulted with it on but rather must be unloaded from the side of the Blitz Team's Hovercargo.

Perhaps the Liger Zero's greatest secret, though, lies deep inside it. Unknown to almost everyone, the Liger Zero is one of a small number of legendary Zoids called the Ultimate Xs. Liger's unique qualities stem from an Organoid system built into the Zoid. The Organoid gives the Liger Zero basic sentience as well as the capability to learn from experience, giving it an advantage over any normal Zoid when coupled with the right pilot.

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