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Character Profile: Misaki Suzuhara

USA Info
Japanese Info
Misaki Suzuhara Misaki Suzuhara Misaki Suzuhara (Angelic Layer)
Misaki-chi Misaki-chi
Human Human
Female Female
12 years 12 years
Brown Brown
Blue Blue
4'6" 137 cm
Middle school student Middle school student
"Ekkks!" "Ekkks!"
· · ·
"Angel wings please guide me and Hikaru"  
Jessica Boone Atsuko Enomoto
Angelic Layer Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer

Character Description: Misaki Suzuhara

Misaki Suzuhara is 12 years old, and attends Eriol Academy. When Misaki first stepped off the train in Tokyo, she see a giant TV screen on a building, showcasing an Angelic Layer battle between champion Angel Athena and another Angel. Misaki is captivated by the game, and instantly falls in love.

Icchan meets her outside the train station where Misaki was watching the layer battle, and tells her about Angelic Layer. Misaki speeds off to a store and purchases her Angel. After completing the process of making an Angel at her new home, Misaki creates Hikaru, and soon after enters the Angelic Layer tournaments, and wins every one, even though she is new.

Her nickname in the anime and manga is the "Miracle Rookie."

Character Description: Misaki Suzuhara

Misaki is from Wakayama. She sees an Angelic Layer fight on the TV outside, and Icchan randomly appears like he does. He helps her start and she is given an Angel egg that hatches into a Pink-haired, red eyed Speed doll she lovingly names Hikaru.

Misaki is a 6th grader at Eroil Academy. She loves to cook and says "ekkks!" when she is startled. She has two great friends named Tamayo and Kobayashi.

Misaki is the deus of Hikaru, an angel that can adapt to her opponents fighting style. She has an insane mentor whose alias is Icchan (who is really the creator of Angelic Layer). Misaki is sometimes followed around by a secretive lady who is revealed as Misaki's mother (the deus of Atena, the small white angel).

Misaki's mother has a certain disease in her legs since Misaki was five years old. This left her sister, Shoko, to take care of Misaki. Misaki later joined Angelic Layer and so did her mom. It may be possible that if Misaki keeps winning, she will meet her mother soon...

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