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Anime Characters Created by AI Posted Jun 12, 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is coming on leaps and bounds, and even though some scientists worry about the long-term consequences of AI, namely mass unemployment or killer robots, until those things become proven correct, there is a lot to be excited about. Artificial Intelligence is helping us redesign the way businesses operate and increase efficiency. There are even reports that counter scientist fears and suggest AI will create just as many jobs as it could eradicate.

One of the interesting ways that Artificial Intelligence is helping in-house game manufacturers is by creating anime characters. Some game developers such as mFortune Online Casino have their own in-house art teams, but what if you don’t have a team of artists at your disposal? AI can help to create impressive anime characters for you. So, how exactly does AI create impressive anime characters? And what are the consequences?

How Does AI Create Anime Characters?

AI is complex and always shifting, so there may be more than one way to use the technology to create anime characters. However, some brainy researchers from the University of Illinois and teams at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence have managed to create a method of producing these characters from text-based descriptions. Their model is known as CRAFT and has overall good results after prolonged testing. It works by writing a sort of descriptive code for their technology to then read and produce the characters.

Yet, it is not just simple drawings that become real characters. CRAFT will read the text and produce sophisticated videos. Some criticism of the developments to date is that AI has not managed to get up to speed with the level of detail that can be afforded using more conventional methods. There are also some concerns about the model because when AI does not get it quite right, the videos become a significant mess. It would be wiser to admit that using Artificial Intelligence to develop anime characters is a work in progress, and yet another interesting development in the world of AI.

What are the Consequences?

AI is certainly a topic that divides opinion and it will be doing the same on this topic for many. The use of this technology in game development or cartoon creation means that companies can produce new anime characters at rapid speed. Ultimately meaning that they can make more games and cartoons in a shorter time period. This is good news for those that enjoy anime characters in whatever format or on any platform.

However, just like those scientists that have their worries about what AI will lead to, there are some concerns about using it to design anime characters. First of all, Artificial Intelligence follows instructions and does not include a creative process the same as authentically created characters by an artist. The artists themselves may also fear for their employment as demand from the richest companies will turn to robots to take over this aspect of developing games, shows and comics. As a result, there is some sort of conflict to get your head around.

What do you think? Are you for or against AI entering character creation?

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