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Anime Meets Slots in Super Graphics Lucky Cats Slot Range Posted Feb 7, 2020

The movie world often collides with the gambling industry, leaving an explosion of cool online slots in its tracks. Some of the best movies and TV shows have been transformed into slot games to create unique and specific themes with recognizable characters and plots. Examples include classics like Rocky and worldwide hits such as HBO’s Game of Thrones.

One genre from the big screen that doesn’t make as many appearances in the world of slots is anime. Of course, many slot games are created by animators crafting animations, but anime is another ball game. Anime has met slot gaming in one of the most recent releases – and it goes by the name of Super Graphics: Lucky Cats!

Anime Meets Slots in Super Graphics Lucky Cats Slot Range

Super Graphics Lucky Cats in a Nutshell

When you read a title that self-declares super graphics, it is likely that the slot game will disappoint you. However, bearing in mind that this game is based on anime, then the graphics do exactly as you would expect them to. Maybe anime is their golden pass to making such claims?

The game includes five reels, 20 different paylines and is available to play on mobile devices. The RTP is middle of the road measuring in at 95.42%, and players can bet as low as £0.20 to the somewhat dizzy heights of £100.

The slot game features a recipe of classic fruit symbols, lucky cats and a wealth of anime characters. The game also comes complete with free spins, multipliers and scatter features. The multipliers, in particular, can be high and appealing.

Why Do Players Love Anime Games and Slots?

Anime has been a popular genre of film, tv-series and now gaming for some time. Anime is incredibly popular among Asian cultures but has grown in the western world as well. There are so many reasons why anime makes a popular niche of different mediums of entertainment.

On the one hand, the narratives of anime games are usually built on classic stories. Ancient Greece has often been called the origin of every great story and many anime narratives sprout from these classics.

Furthermore, anime characters have been made to be highly relatable to modern audiences. They struggle with the same things, find joy in identical areas and make for great companions during video games and gambling sessions. This can make anyone watching anime feel tied to the characters and relate to them quickly. Ultimately, they can become the protagonist and hence their use in gaming.

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