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How Did Anime Culture Influence the Global iGaming Industry? Posted Dec 8, 2020

Short History of Anime

In Japan, anime goes back all the way to 1906. This date can be pushed back a lot more if we’re talking about specific drawings and still artwork. However, the first series of anime dates from around 1906 when mechanical slides were used to project the motions of different figures on the screen. Thanks to this technique and the development of lightweight projectors made of wood, anime started to boom in popularity in the country.

Animators such as Oten Shimokawa, Seitaro Kitayama, or Jun’ichi Kouchi are considered the fathers of anime. Long before it found a way out of Japan, anime was already showing a lot of influence. It was used in some propaganda films during World War II and that’s one of the factors that lead to the boom it experienced in the 1980s. A new generation of animators such as Hayao Miyazaki or Mamoru Oshii revamped anime and contributed to their global success.

Titles like Gundam, Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, or Ghost in the Shell helped anime to become a global phenomenon. Spirited Away even got an Oscar for Best Animated Feature while Innocence: Ghost in the Shell was present at the 2004 edition of the Cannes Film Festival.

The Link Between Anime and the iGaming Industry

With such a global impact, anime quickly found a way into lesser-obvious domains. iGaming is definitely one of them. Even several elements of the Asian culture were already used by slots and casino games providers, it wasn’t until anime really became global until the first online slots inspired by this genre started to appear.

Pachinko Slots

First of all, we need to take a close look at the pachinko slot industry that seems entirely based on anime and elements borrowed from this phenomenon. The intricate games spread all across Japan are not your regular slot machine. However, they do incorporate a lot of anime in their functionality and are estimated to bring in a revenue 30 times bigger than what Las Vegas does.

Anime-Inspired Online Slots

How Did Anime Culture Influence the Global iGaming Industry?
Moon Princess

Since we mentioned Sailor Moon just earlier, let's take a look at a slot from Play'n GO that clearly got inspired from the successful anime series. Moon Princess takes a different approach compared to other online slots. Instead of the classic 5 reels and 3 rows, it uses a 5x5 grid with symbols that disappear and cascade when a winning combination is obtained. The main stars of Moon Princess are the three princesses that can deliver a special symbol when they appear on the reels. Every non-winning spin can trigger the special effect of one of the princesses as follows:

  • Love Princess - a random set of symbols transform into another, better-paying symbol
  • Star Princess - can add up to 2 wild symbols on the reels for bigger wins
  • Storm Princess - two random sets of symbols are destroyed

Add up to 20 free spins and a 200 win when clearing the grid and you get a very entertaining online slot on your hands!

Ghost in the Shell

We’ve mentioned Innocence: Ghost in the Shell getting screen time at Cannes in 2004. Well, just like with any movie that enjoys critic acclaim, the subject was quickly borrowed by online slot creators. 888Games is the studio, proprietary software provider for 888 casino, that got the rights to create the Ghost in the Shell online slot. Fans of the anime will immediately identify their favorite characters on the reels and everything was carefully designed by the producers to maintain the same excellent vibe. Not only that casino players will be able to form winning combinations with elements from one of the best anime series ever launched, but they will also enjoy exciting animations every time a win occurs.

Koi Princess

Industry giants Netent couldn’t miss the opportunity to create a slot with strong anime roots. So, they put their creative people at work and came up with Koi Princess. One look at the game interface and you’ll immediately recognize the Sailor Moon-like character standing on the left side of the screen. Furthermore, the symbols that spin on the reels are also linked with the anime genre and the entire Japanese culture. Hoping that thoroughly enjoyed reading about the anime influence in this world of online slots, gambling, and casino winnings, we are wishing you the best of luck. Also, if you’re not into casinos or games of chances, there are plenty other anime games to be enjoyed out there. Simply explore our website and you’ll find your favorite for sure!

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