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How Has Anime Changed Over the Years Posted Mar 23, 2020

Today anime has a giant fan base with millions of fans from all over the world. Anime is Japanese animation that features a set of characters and the story they go through. Some might argue that they can be classified as children’s cartoons but they would be wrong. There are anime that are suitable for children, however there are also some pretty gory anime out there that you wouldn’t want your child to watch.

All in all, anime has created some legendary characters that will forever be etched into the hearts of fans. These include Son Goku, NarutoMonkey D. Luffy and many more. The animation of a lot of anime today looks great but this wasn’t always the case. As is the case with many industries, the beginning of anime is also clumsy.

The Early Years of Anime

The first anime were very short ones. In fact, the very first anime went into production in 1917. It was called “The Dull Sword” and it was a silent film. It wasn’t until 1932 that the first anime with sound were being produced.

With the release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Japanese animators were encouraged to pursue a longer format. Fast forward to the 60s, 70s, and 80s, and anime is getting worldwide attention and establishing the genres that are still popular today. One of them is anime about gambling.

The casino industry has influenced both the film and gaming industry so it’s not surprising there is a gambling genre in anime. Table games are frequently featured in these anime but there is yet to be an anime about slot games. They are pretty easy to learn and you can do so by playing free slots online. You don’t have to deposit your money to play and by playing these slots you can sharpen your skills. This will help your chances of getting a prize when playing slots with real money.

If you’re a casino table games fan then you’ll find a lot of anime to your taste. On the other hand, there are also fantasy, science fiction, sports, mecha and other types of anime available. But with so many anime available one has to ask oneself: where does the inspiration come from?

The Inspiration Behind Anime

There was an old cartoon back in the day called Heidi: A Girl of the Alps. A lot of people have watched it and haven’t realized that it’s actually an anime. This anime was based on the novel Heidi and the animators did a pretty good job at adapting it. Novels sometimes serve as inspiration for anime.

However, most of them are based on manga series. Manga are Japanese comics and thanks to their range there’s a great number of them that anime fans can choose from. Moreover, some anime have been inspired by video games. For example, Capcom’s Devil May Cry series served as inspiration for an anime of the same name.

Anime Today

As animation technology improved so did the way anime looked. CGI was introduced in the 80s and is still used today. Art styles continue to vary and all of them are unique for themselves. Some make anime look more cute and childish while others look more rugged and edgy. Finally, anime are more popular and available thanks to streaming services. People can now watch the second season of One-Punch Man, Boku no Hero Academia and many other titles. It’s without question that anime will continue to evolve. This means fans can expect more series they can watch and enjoy the latest animation technology.

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