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Devil May CryDevil May Cry (デビル パむ クラむ)Devil May Cry
12 TV Episodes12 TV Episodes
June 14, 2007–September 6, 2007
ADV Films (original licensor), FUNimation (new licensor)Madhouse, Capcom, Media Factory, Toshiba Ent., WOWOW
Shinji Mikami, Capcom (Based on the video game series)
Shin Itagaki
Action, Horror, ParanormalAction, Horror, Paranormal
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Lady (Mary)Lady (Mary)
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Patty LowellPatty Lowell
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Characters: Devil May Cry

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Cindy Cindy Alex βŠ• Alex βŠ•
Dante Dante Angelina βŠ• Angelina βŠ•
Eva Eva Brad βŠ• Brad βŠ•
Lady (Mary) Lady (Mary) Brian βŠ• Brian βŠ•
Patty Lowell Patty Lowell Christopher βŠ• Christopher βŠ•
Sid Cid Morrison βŠ• Morrison βŠ•
Trish Trish Vincent βŠ• Vincent βŠ•

Description: Devil May Cry

Based on the popular videogame Devil May Cry, this series follows Dante, a half-demon, half-human mercenary and demon hunter. As the owner of the Demon Extermination service "Devil May Cry", he takes on any mission involving the supernatural. So long as the price is right, of course.

The story begins when Dante is hired as a bodyguard to an orphaned girl named Patty, an illegitimate child heir to a large fortune and has to protect her from demons sent by those who want the inheritance for themselves. Along the way, they are attacked by several demons hired by Patty's relatives.

Other characters from Devil May Cry also make appearances such as Lady and Trish.

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