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Teen Bedroom Decorating Ideas From the Experts Posted Dec 17, 2020

Teen Bedroom Decorating Ideas From the Experts

It’s a known fact that parents’ and teens’ tastes rarely ever match. Although it can seem impossible, designing the perfect teen bedroom can be done with a little compromise on either part; you just have to know how to make it work for both. That said, here are some teen bedroom decorating ideas from the experts.

Start with Functionality

Although the tastes may differ, both parents and teens are bound to agree on the basics. After all, a bedroom has to be fully functional to satisfy the needs of the teenager. Both parents and teens will agree that the bedroom needs to include a study area, a comfortable bed, and a closet. When it comes to choosing the furniture, it’s best to go for items that can also be used by adults, to avoid the hassle that comes with teens outgrowing their rooms once they become young adults. Choosing suitable furniture will last them years, after which they can continue using it while living in the room or take it with them to college dorms or their first apartment.

When it comes to the study area, a desk and a chair are the basics. Make sure you choose them well with ergometry in mind, as the teens will be spending a lot of time studying (or at least, they should be). The desk should be wide enough to accommodate their studying needs and any additions, such as a PC or a laptop. The chair should be comfortable and designed to maintain a posture with a neutral spine to prevent the onset of a back injury.

Settle on the Color Palette

Once we’re done with the basics, the disagreement between parents and teens will be more profound. The first obstacle they’ll face is choosing the colors. In situations where teens want to go for bold and dazzling colors while their parents want to settle for more neutral tones, finding a middle ground can be difficult. However, there’s a smart way to go around it.

As a rule of thumb, avoid going too daring with fixed items. For instance, instead of painting the walls with vibrant pink, how about adding flashes of vibrant pink in the decorations instead? Think of treating the window curtains or pillowcases with this color instead. They can also add decorating accessories, like light fixtures, lamp stands, a funky rug, or any other trendy item with their color of choice. That way, the walls can be painted with matching neutral colors while the teen gets what they want as well. In a couple of years, the teens will be thankful for this middle ground but, until then, they’ll get to enjoy their color of choice.

Design to Personal Taste

Adolescence is a phase in which every teenager likes to feel unique. Ironically, it’s also the phase where they want to fit in with the crowd the most, so personalizing their room can be somewhat confusing. However, it all comes down to their current interests and hobbies, so it’s best to let them choose how to decorate their rooms to their current taste.

There are many ways in which a teen can decorate their room without having through too much trouble to change the decorations when their tastes change. For instance, the most significant and easiest place to start with is the bed. After choosing a big and comfortable bed, the experts at VisionBedding.com suggest that the teens be given the freedom to decorate the beddings, pillows, and cushions themselves. They can choose a duvet or a covering that has a 3D printed design or a picture of their favorite building or beach. They can go a step further and order a custom-designed duvet for their design of choice.

If we’re talking about personalization, then we can’t forget about the walls. You don’t have to paint a fixed design; hanging on posters is a trademark of going through adolescence. It doesn’t have to be just posters though; they can hang a collection of polaroid pictures, wall portraits, or light threads across the walls. Hanging twinkle lights is especially popular with teenagers nowadays, which they can hang on the walls, across the bed legs, or even over the curtains. If a teen has a certain hobby, such as playing guitar or surfing, then showcasing their equipment in a corner can also be a great idea.

Teen Bedroom Decorating Ideas From the Experts

Get Smart with Storage

Providing storage space is another necessity in a teen’s room; however, finding the needed space is not always easy. To get started, you’ll need to get a bit smarter with approaching storage. While providing closet storage space for clothes is necessary, creating a fixed storage space for the rest of the items is not. You’ll be amazed at how you can make use of the empty space to create additional space, such as installing shelves across the height of the wall, getting a bunk bed (for two teenagers sharing the room), or adding drawers below the bed and desk.

Additional Features

By now, you should have most of the basics and accessories ready. However, sometimes, you’ll need to add more space for additional needs. For instance, if the teen likes to work out, practice some sort of hobby, or likes to game, then the room will likely include some additional features. You can accommodate these needs by getting smarter about organizing the room. For instance, creating a workout space can be easily done by hanging a pull-up/chin-up bar, adding a few dumbbells, and installing stable flooring. The gaming corner may only need a PC, but it can also mean installing a screen and a PS, along with a comfortable sofa and bean bags for when their friends gather.

Finding the middle ground between how teens want to design their bedroom and what the parents have in mind can be somewhat tricky. Parents tend to look at the bigger picture, wanting to create a bedroom that can last their teenagers for years while fulfilling their needs. When it comes to their teen though, they want it to be stylish. It doesn’t matter what’s trending right now or if it’s going to be outdated in a few months; they just want what they want. The trick is to create a room that can accommodate their current interests while making room for growth.

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