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The Best Japanese Anime Films You Should Watch Posted Aug 26, 2019

Anime is very popular with Japanese pop culture. Putting together the different crafts of art, sound engineering, voice-over, composing and more-anime is a new exciting and fun form of entertainment that provides a platform through which people can learn morals and vital life lessons.

Japan has a lot of anime films (just like in Western countries) that have been adapted from the most popular books, manga, or comics. However, sometimes, it is the other way round. A successful anime can become a live-action film, novel, or even an online casino game.

The anime films on this article will help you understand Japanese pop culture better and also give you some common ground to hold conversations with colleagues, friends, students, and people in general.

If you are new to this genre or you are planning to visit Japan, here are top Japanese anime films you should watch.

My Neighbor Totoro

You cannot talk about Japanese anime films without mentioning My Neighbor Totoro and Japan’s Disney Studio Ghibli. Anime films produced by Studio Ghibli are targeted at children, but they also have stories that are interesting enough for people of all ages. My Neighbor Totoro is an anime film that anyone can enjoy.

The film is about two young girls who decide to relocate to the countryside where their mother is receiving treatment for a long term illness. Soon the girls discover forest spirits in the area, particularly Totoro, a furry, gray-eyed creature. From there, the film follows their adventures to the end. Due to Totoro cute and fluffy appearance, he has become a popular character in Japan. Totoro merchandise is available for purchase almost anywhere in Japan.

Although the film itself targets Children, Totoro is an anime character loved by nearly everyone in great Japan. If you are coming to Japan to teach English to children or adults, you may want to watch My Neighbor Totoro and even wear a Totoro necktie as it will help you to connect with the students easily.

Spirited Away

Studio Ghibli has so many anime films to watch. Another interesting way to connect with friends, colleagues, or friends is by asking them about their favorite Studio Ghibli film. Chances are they will mention more than one. Although Totoro is by far the most popular character for the studio, the success of Spirited Away can never be underestimated.

The film features Chihiro, a young girl who is trapped in a parallel spirit world with her parents. Chihiro is left to take care of herself after her parents turn into pigs. She has to find a way to fend for herself, change her parents back to their human form, and find a way out of the spirit world.

Spirited Away has a unique storyline, beautiful graphics, and immersive soundtrack that can capture any audience. If you are a fan of magical fantasies or coming-of-age stories, then you will like this anime film.

Mobile Suit Gundam

Mobile Suit Gundam is one of the most popular science fiction anime films. Featuring themes of love, friendship, and war, some installments of this anime film series are indeed spectacular works.

Mobile Suit Gundam might be a franchise that started in the late 1970s, but it remains popular to this day. It is loved by the Japanese and other anime fans around the world. A lot of people visit Tokyo for the sole purpose of taking a picture with the famous Gundam statue in Odaiba.

Due to the enormous success of Mobile Suit Gundam, various anime films, series, novels, manga, and video games have been produced within the franchise universe. Today, the Gundam toy line is very popular and has become an industry on its own.

If you are a fan of Star Wars or science fiction in general, you will fall in love with Mobile Suit Gundam. Although there are many great titles out there, Mobile Suit Gundam is definitely a great place to start.

One Piece

This anime film puts together a misfit cast, crazy pirates with some special powers, and a hidden treasure. The film features Luffy, a young man who gets power to expand his body and follows his desire to become a pirate king and holy grail of treasure known as One Piece.

Luffy recruits a group of characters to join the crew who help in guiding his ship and fighting alongside him. The record-breaking success of One Piece manga spawned the series, and other films and video games.

Although classic anime like Dragon Ball and Pokemon may be more popular internationally, you should consider watching One Piece as it is more current and accessible to all age groups.

Therefore, if you are visiting Japan and you would like to have a common ground to chat or converse with people of all ages, then you should watch a couple of episodes of One Piece.

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