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The Role of Films in Enhancing the Education Process of a Child Posted Mar 31, 2020

The Role of Films in Enhancing the Education Process of a Child

The process of education is essential in society as it provides knowledge and skills that can help a child prepare for future careers. Also, through schooling, one can possibly identify and solve the problems affecting society. It is because education is so important that educational experts have tried to identify some of the best methods to enhance learning.

Indeed, some experts are floating the idea that a combination of non-technological and technological models of learning can enhance the education process. It is an assertion that has some truths in it. The use of traditional methods of learning, such as reliance on books and the blackboards, can help a teacher to interact with students physically. It would enable the tutor to identify the weaknesses of a child and develop ways of solving them.

Still, through the use of technological models of learning, students will become more engaged, and they may find it fun to read. Some of the tools of technology you can use to educate a learner are films, the Internet, and computer applications. Many experts would recommend you to use them in teaching students because they enhance efficiency and improve the learning outcomes. So let us delve more into the use of films in the education process.

Films Can Help Break Down Emotional and Physical Barriers

One of the best ways of catering to the educational needs of children with disabilities is through the use of films. It is an assertion that was made on the 19th of November 2013, by the Guardian, a leading UK newspaper. According to research carried out by the Guardian, what emerged is the fact that children with autism can connect emotionally and physically with other students when they are placed to watch an educational film.

The study reflected this argument by denoting that students, irrespective of their background, managed to laugh and enjoy a film that was played. In this regard, the use of movies in the educational process helps to promote the notion of inclusive learning. It would improve the idea of educational diversity.

The ability to promote educational diversity is an issue that Liz Warne, a teacher who specializes in handling children with special needs, concurs with. In her opinion, the use of films as an educational tool can bring children from different backgrounds together. It is irrespective of their social, economic, and health position. In this manner, Liz believes that the use of technology has enhanced a learning process, and it bridges the gap between the rich and the poor. In short, reliance on films helps to promote educational equality.

Sources of Films for the Learning Process

There are many ways teachers can use to get films for educating their students. Furthermore, through the emergence of technology, educators find it easy to access any movie. So, here are some of the ways you can use to identify a movie picture for use:

  • YouTube Channel: Educators can register at this site. One it is done, they can access hundreds of films that can enhance childhood education. Indeed, a professional essay writer can rely on this source of information while producing papers. It is because it is a primary resource, which can provide first-hand information on the study subject.
  • Netflix: This is an online streaming site that enhances the ability of a teacher to access films. Moreover, to obtain a motion picture, one has to register and pay a monthly subscription fee.
  • Purchase a film: Teachers can decide to buy a movie. It can be purchased in the form of a DVD and played in class.

Other Technological Tools that Can Enhance the Education Process

Apart from films, there are other technological tools that teachers can use to enhance the education process. One of them is the Internet. It is one of the most useful inventions to occur in the world. Through this resource, a teacher can create a class social media profile. Educators can use social media sites such as Facebook and WhatsApp to create group profiles that can enhance the education process. Other tools include tablets, smartboards, augmented reality, and 3D printing.

Bottom Line

Technology is an essential component of the learning process. It enhances the ability of a teacher to achieve the course objectives. Furthermore, a professional writer would depend on the tools of technology to offer academic assistance. It includes the use of the Internet and other electronic journals to gather data that can help tackle any research problem. So, teachers should use films as a method of educating their students.

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