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Anime Profile: Grenadier- The Beautiful Warrior

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Japanese Info
Grenadier- The Beautiful WarriorGurenēdā ~Hohoemi no Senshi~ ("Grenadier- The Senshi of Smilies") (グレネーダー ~ほほえみの閃士~)Grenadier- The Beautiful Warrior
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Grenadier- The Senshi of Smilies
12 OVA episodes12 OVA episodes
Oct 15, 2004–Jan 13, 2005
Media BlastersStudio Live/WOWOW
Sousuke Kaise
Miroshi Koujina
Action, Adventure, ComedyAction, Adventure, Comedy
Mikan KurenaiMikan Kurenai
· · ·
Rushuna TendoRushuna Tendo
· · ·
Setsuna OomidoSetsuna Oomido
· · ·
Touka KurenaiTouka Kurenai
· · ·
Yajiro KojimaYajiro Kojima
· · ·
Koto Koto

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Description: Grenadier- The Beautiful Warrior

Grenadier takes place in a time where guns have replaced swords as the weapon of choice and Senshis (warriors that are skilled with guns) are abusing their power to oppress the people. Yajiro Kojima, a mercenary swordsman who carries a hatred for Senshi is fighting to reclaim a castle from a power-hungry group of Gunners, until he runs into a beautiful (and busty) young woman named Rushuna Tendo.

After an unusually intimate first meeting(!), Yajiro learns that she is a talented Senshi with god-like shooting skills. However, unlike most Senshis, Rushuna fights with pacifistic methods and prefers attacking her enemy with a smile instead of with violence.

After reclaiming the castle, Yajiro decides to join Rushuna on her journey to bring peace to the world. However, Rushuna becomes a hunted fugitive and faces enemies at every turn. She goes up against the Juttensen, a group of skilled assassins all bent on Rushuna's demise. It turns out the source of all the trouble links to her teacher Tenshi and an evil masked foe known as Kaizan Doushi. Will Rushuna survive long enough to find out the truth?

Description: Grenadier- The Beautiful Warrior

A time of civil war. A time of gun experts called Senshi. The mercenary swordsman Yajiro Kojima simply could not hope to prevail against the Senshi who held his employer hostage.

Suddenly, Yajiro encounters a young woman named Rushuna Tendo. He discovers that Rushuna is herself a Senshi, but a rather... unorthodox one. For one thing, she can disarm her opponents with an outdated handgun. For another, she prefers to disarm them... simply by smiling at them.

To make a long story short, Rushuna is on a journey and Yajiro joins her.

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