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Top 4 Best anime series you can watch on a First Date Posted Apr 24, 2020

One of the top attributes of Internet dating is the way a sense of compatibility can be introduced. This can be done before you've even reached out to anyone in particular, as a date site like this will provide personal profiles that can be checked out. Singles looking for a prospective partner sharing their passions can study the background interests and hobbies that have been described in these details. A popular diversion amongst many online dating site users is anime. Japanese animation has long-evolved from cartoons aimed at a younger audience and now commands an international appeal. If you've connected with someone online through a mutual love of anime, here are four of the best anime series that would be ideal for your first date.

Death Note

Based on a manga series that ran for three years from 2003 and comprised over one hundred lurid chapters, Death Note darker than your usual anime. This is a serial killer feature, but with fantastical twists that make it compelling viewing. The Shinigami, a god of death, can take anyone's life as long as they can see their face, then write their name in a book. Ryuk, disaffected by this lifestyle, leaves this 'death book' where it falls into the hands of a high school prodigy, Light Yagami, who begins using it to attack criminals. The police think they have a serial killer on their hands. Dark but compelling, this is enthralling viewing for a first date.


This popular feature has sold a phenomenal 230 million copies right across the world. This Masashi Kishimoto-penned tale is a coming-of-age story about a young ninja, Naruto, dreaming of becoming the village leader, or Hokage. This reasonably straightforward aspiration is made much more difficult by the fact a demon has been sealed inside his body! When this was aired as a Japanese TV series from 2002 to 2007 it ran to over 200 episodes and was regarded as one of the most popular anime ever. That's a lot of commitment for a first date's viewing, but there is a choice of eleven movies to give you a fascinating snapshot of the action.

Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale is to be recommended for a first date because of its key elements. The animation is terrific, the characters alluring, and the storyline follows a captivating arc. The central protagonist, Lucy Heartfilia, has dreams of attaining the status of a powerful wizard. During her quest, she meets various characters who are seeking the dragon Igneel, the foster father of one of them. As the fantastical action unfolds, the group also encounters a magic swordsman, Erza Scarlet, and an ice wizard named Gray Fullbuster, the adventures they all embark on making for perfect viewing for your first date.


Bleach is another long-running anime, aired in Japan from 2004 to 2012, and consisting of 366 episodes, during which time it achieved something approaching cult status. Here the action revolves around a high school student, Kurosaki Ichigo. His family is attacked by a tree 'hollow,' but saved by a 'soul reaper' named Rukia Kuchiki. In return, the boy agrees to take Rukia's powers and begins training to be a soul reaper. He begins hunting down the hollows responsible for attacking people. During this quest, he is joined by several classmates, each of whom has unique abilities. As well as the manga series there has been a TV adaptation, again hugely popular. The animation and fascinating storyline make this essential viewing, and you can certainly dip in on first date night to get a flavor of the action.

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