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Check out these top apps for watching anime on mobile Posted May 28, 2018

Anime is reaching a wider audience every year, as the internet continues to make the world seem a smaller and more interconnected place. These days, it is possible to access a vast choice of entertainment online, and anime is no exception. People the world over are getting drawn into the genre, and anyone who thinks anime is just for kids needs only to sit and watch for 20 minutes – just like the best quality western cartoons, they have a way of drawing you in, whatever your age.

Mobile apps opening even more doors

Of course, if we thought the internet age was impressive, the smartphone era is taking things to a whole new level. Apps have revolutionized and opened up a whole range of markets. The most obvious example is in areas like sports betting, where US online bookmakers provide an option for American fans to place a wager on horse racing and other sports. But the mobile revolution has also brought about big changes in the way we consume other forms of entertainment. Here, we take a look at some of the top mobile apps for watching anime.


With more than 25,000 episodes adding up to around 15,000 hours, you are spoiled for choice with Crunchyroll. The app is free to download, or there is a paid option that provides ad-free viewing and the very latest episodes, immediately after they are broadcast in Japan. Series include Naruto Shippunden, Dragon Ball Super, Sailor Moon, Hunter X Hunter, and lots more. Crunchyroll has even released its very own anime-based game, which is also free to download on iOS and Android.

Anime Crave

This is an interesting app that has some unusual features. While it doesn’t have as vast a library as Crunchyroll, it does provide top quality anime movies in HD quality. It also adds new titles every day, and provides the option for you to submit anime requests if you are looking for something in particular. Best of all, it has a loyalty system, whereby you can earn points just by watching!

Anime Lib

One downside of Anime Crave is that it doesn’t have subtitles. But this is not a problem at Anime Lib. There are multiple language choices, just select what you want in the settings, and the app will remember your preferences. The ability to download your favorite shows or movies to watch later offline is also a very handy feature. Anime Lab has one of the nicest-looking user interfaces of them all, and those who like the personal touch will enjoy the ability to select their own background for the homepage.


Viewster is an ideal app if you like to mix up your viewing genres. It has a fantastic range of anime movies and shows – for example, there’s Samurai Warrior, Rogu Horaidzun and Naruto to name just three. But the app also has an extensive range of action, adventure, horror, comedies and even documentaries. The phrase “something for everyone” has never been more appropriate. Some users complain about the number of ads, but given that it is free to download and no sign up is required, that’s really a small price to pay.

Watch Anime

It might not be the most imaginatively named of apps, but who cares when you have over 200,000 anime episodes to choose from? It’s simple and intuitive to use, but in keeping with the no-nonsense name, there are no superfluous features. If you want an app that has great choice and you are not worried about lots of extras and options settings, then this could be the one for you.

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