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Anime Profile: Assassination Classroom

USA Info
Japanese Info
Assassination ClassroomAnsatsu Kyōshitsu (暗殺教室)Assassination Classroom
22 episodes (season 1), 25 episodes (season2), 2 OVA episodes, 2 live-action movies22 episodes (season 1), 25 episodes (season2), 2 OVA episodes, 2 live-action movies
February 18, 2015 (streaming)October 6, 2013
· · ·
May 17, 2016 (season 1, pt. 1), August 16, 2016 (season 1, pt. 2)
Keiji Gotoh (1st OVA), Seiji Kishi (TV)
Action, Adventure, MechaAction, Adventure, Mecha
Nagisa ShiotaNagisa Shiota
· · ·
Aguri Yukimura Aguri Yukimura
· · ·
Akira Takaoka Akira Takaoka
· · ·
Ayaka Saitō Ayaka Saitō
· · ·
Gakuhō Asano Gakuhō Asano
· · ·
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Characters: Assassination Classroom

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Nagisa Shiota Nagisa Shiota Nobuta Tanaka Nobuta Tanaka
Aguri Yukimura Aguri Yukimura Red Eye Red Eye
Akira Takaoka Akira Takaoka Ren Sakakibara Ren Sakakibara
Ayaka Saitō Ayaka Saitō Rikuto Ikeda Rikuto Ikeda
Gakuhō Asano Gakuhō Asano Rinka Hayami Rinka Hayami
Gakushū Asano Gakushū Asano Rio Nakamura Rio Nakamura
Hinano Kurahashi Hinano Kurahashi Ritsu Ritsu
Hinata Okano Hinata Okano Ryōma Terasaka Ryōma Terasaka
Hiromi Shiota Hiromi Shiota Ryūnosuke Chiba Ryūnosuke Chiba
Hiroto Maehara Hiroto Maehara Sakura Kiyashiki Sakura Kiyashiki
Irina Jelavić Irina Jelavić Shiro Shiro
Itona Horibe Itona Horibe Sumire Hara Sumire Hara
Kaede Kayano/Akari Yukimura Kaede Kayano/Akari Yukimura Sōsuke Sugaya Sōsuke Sugaya
Karma Akabane Karma Akabane Tadaomi Karasuma Tadaomi Karasuma
Kazutaka Shindō Kazutaka Shindō Tadaomi Karasuma Tadaomi Karasuma
Kirara Hazama Kirara Hazama Taiga Okajima Taiga Okajima
Koro-sensei Koro-sensei Taisei Yoshida Taisei Yoshida
Kōki Mimura Kōki Mimura Takuya Muramatsu Takuya Muramatsu
Kōtarō Takebayashi Kōtarō Takebayashi Teppei Araki Teppei Araki
Lovro Brovski Lovro Brovski The Reaper The Reaper
Manami Okuda Manami Okuda Tomohito Sugino Tomohito Sugino
Masayoshi Kimura Masayoshi Kimura Tomoya Seo Tomoya Seo
Matsukata Matsukata Tōka Yada Tōka Yada
Meg Kataoka Meg Kataoka Yukiko Kanzaki Yukiko Kanzaki
Mori Mori Yuzuki Fuwa Yuzuki Fuwa
Nakai Nakai Yūji Norita Yūji Norita
Natsuhiko Koyama Natsuhiko Koyama Yūma Isogai Yūma Isogai

Description: Assassination Classroom

Perhaps you've seen some weird anime series before, but have you ever seen one where I giant tentacled monster destroys most of the moon, says he'll do the same to Earth, and then becomes a junior high school teacher for a classroom of reject students who all want to kill him for the giant reward the Japanese government is offering, but who also don't want to kill him because he's such a good teacher? Yeah, I didn't think so! That's what this anime is all about, and just imagine having a teacher with super powers. But there's more to this guy than even that as the story unfolds throughout two seasons.

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