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Yu Yu HakushoYuu Yuu Hakusho (幽☆遊☆白書) ("The White Book on Ghosts")Yu Yu Hakusho
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The White Book on Ghosts
112 TV episodes, 2 movies112 TV episodes, 2 movies
February 22, 20021992–1995
Funimation (TV); US Manga Corps (movie)Studio Pierrot/Fuji TV
Yoshihiro Togashi
Akiyuki Arafusa
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Eastern FantasyAction, Adventure, Comedy, Eastern Fantasy
Yu Yu Hakusho: Poltergeist ReportYu Yu Hakusho: Bonds of Fire
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Characters: Yu Yu Hakusho

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Asato Kido Asato Kido Miyuki Miyuki
Atsuko Urameshi Atsuko Urameshi Mukuro Mukuro
Bakken Bakken Murota Murota
Botan Botan Murugu Murugu
Bui Bui Onji Onji
Byakko Byakko Puu Puu
Chu Chuu Raizen Raizen
Dr. Ichigaki Dr. Ichigaki Rando Rando
Elder Toguro Ani Toguro Ree Rui
En En Rinku Rinku
Gama Gama Risho Risho
Gatasubal Gatasubaru Roto Roto
Genbu Genbu Ruka Ruka
Genkai Genkai Ryo Ryou
Gouki Gouki Sakyo Sakyou
Hagiri Kaname Hagiri Kaname Sayaka Sayaka
Hiei Hiei Seiryu Seiryu
Hina Hina Shinobu Sensui Shinobu Sensui
Imajin Imajin Shishiwakamaru Shishiwakamaru
Itsuki Itsuki Shizuru Kuwabara Shizuru Kuwabara
Jin Kaze Tsukai Jin Kaze Tsukai Shorin Shorin
Juri Juri Shuichi Minamino Shuuichi Minamino
Kai Kai Shura Shura
Kaitou Kaitou Suzaku Suzaku
Kamiya Minoru Kamiya Minoru Suzuka Suzuka
Karasu Karasu Touya Touya
Kayko Yukimura Keiko Yukimura Tsukihito Amanuma Tsukihito Amanuma
Kazuma Kuwabara Kazuma Kuwabara Ura Urashima Ura Urashima
Kibano Kibano Yanagisawa Mitsunari Yanagisawa Mitsunari
Koenma Daioh Koenma Daioh Yasha Yasha
Koto Koto Yoko Kurama Youko Kurama
Kuro Momotaro Kuro Momotaro Yomi Yomi
Kuroko Sanada Kuroko Sanada Younger Toguro Ototo Toguro
Kuronue Kuronue Yukina Yukina
Majari Majari Yusuke Urameshi Yuusuke Urameshi
Makintaro Makintaro Yuu Kotei Yuu Kotei
Mitarai Kiyoshi Mitarai Kiyoshi

Description: Yu Yu Hakusho

Tokyo, modern day.

A boy named Yuske Urameshi is a ghetto-street junior high schooler who is flunking classes. The story picks up in the downtown area, suddenly, when he spots a kid standing in the street in the path of an oncoming car. Yusuke pushes the child out of the way, but loses his life in the process.

He goes to the spirit world, where the ruler has a body of a toddler, and his assistant is the somewhat beautiful Botan, who rides an oar like a witch rides a broom. From there, he makes many choices and crazy decisions that both help and hurt him.

Yu Yu Hakusho

Note: Yoshihiro Togashi, the creator of Yu Yu Hakusho, is married to Naoko Takeuchi, the creator of Sailor Moon.

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