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Elder ToguroAni ToguroElder Toguro (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Demon (was human)Demon (was human)
Dark greyDark grey
Younger Toguro's elder brotherOtoto Toguro's elder brother
"When I open my mouth I have something important to say."
Bill TowsnleyTesshou Genda
Yu Yu HakushoYuu Yuu Hakusho

Character Description: Elder Toguro

Elder Toguro is the eldest of the Toguro brothers, able to manipulate his body to take any form he desires, as well as shift his internal organs to any part of his body, making him hard to kill and practically immortal. Not much is known of his past, but after winning the Dark Tournament, he too became a demon like his brother. However, Elder Toguro doesn't share the same warrior spirit and morals as his younger brother, enjoying killing and torturing demons and humans for sick pleasure.

He fights Yusuke and Kuwabara with his brother when Yusuke is sent to rescue Yukina. He fought Kuwabara in the Dark Tournament and lost. He then tried to talk Toguro into letting him help kill Yusuke, but his brother thrashed/kicked him off the island. With his body severely damaged, Elder Toguro was forced to wait until he completely regenerated. But Sensui found him and recruited him to his cause, with the bonus of getting revenge on Yusuke and company.

However, Elder Toguro's regeneration was taking too long so he and Sensui tricked Gourmet to eat Elder Toguro. From there, Elder Toguro slowly took control of Gourmet until Kurama decapitated Gourmet, forcing the demon to reveal himself. But Kurama uses a Sinning Tree to stop Elder Toguro. However, as he is virtually immortal and the Sinning Tree will not let go of it's victim until it's dead, Elder Toguro suffers a fate worse than death, hallucinating his vain attempts of revenge for all eternity.

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