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TouyaTouyaTouya (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Ice MasterJuyo Tsukai Touya
Ice DemonIce Demon
Blue with 4 aqua spiked bangsBlue with 4 aqua spiked bangs
Icy BlueIcy Blue
5'5"165 cm
Member of Team MashoMember of Team Mashyoutsukai
"Gama died so that we could win with honor"
Daniel KatsukMatsumoto Yasunori
Yu Yu HakushoYuu Yuu Hakusho

Character Description: Touya

Touya is the ice master of the shinobi of the spirit world. His team, Mashoutsukai, competed in the Anbu Bujutsukai (Dark Tournament), hoping to claim the island it was held on as their own. They had spent most of their lives in darkness, so over time, they developed a desire for the light. Touya is perhaps the one who desires it the most, for of his team, he is probably the most mature and experienced. He despises cowardly and dishonorable acts. He stood up to Risho, the team leader, when Risho tried to win against Team Urameshi using low and cowardly means.

Touya returns later in the series during the Makai Tournament saga. He makes it past the preliminaries, but is defeated by one of Raizen's old friends. Before his fight, he gives Kurama the answer to a question Kurama had asked him during the Dark Tournament. Kurama had asked him what he would do after he found the light. At the time, Touya had no answer, replying simply that the light came first. Now he has his answer; he will fight.

Character Description: Touya

Touya is the ice master of Team Masho in the Ankoku Bujutsukai, or Dark Tournament. He can create weapons of ice, and can shoot out the deadly attack Shards of Winter. He is an honorable fighter, and despises the actions of his fellow teammate, Bakken. his opponent in the Dark Tournament was Kurama.

After the tournament, Touya trained under Genkai and entered in the Makai Tournament, but lost.

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