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KuronueKuronueKuronue (Yu Yu Hakusho: Poltergeist Report)
Bat DemonBat Youkai
About 532 yearsAbout 532 years
Indigo blueIndigo blue
6'4"About 193 cm
Kurama's PartnerKurama's Partner
"Forget about me, save yourself, Kurama!"
Eric Stuart
Yu Yu Hakusho: Poltergeist ReportYuu Yuu Hakusho: The Movie

Character Description: Kuronue

Kuronue made his appearence in Yu Yu Hakusho: Poltergeist Report. Kuronue always carried a pendant with him. He invaded a palace with Youko Kurama (not Shuichi Minamino), but when the pendant broke during their escape, Kurounue went back to get it and was stabbed in the leg by a bamboo trap.

Kurama tried to save him, but Kuronue told him to run away because if Kurama would have stayed to help, they both would have been caught by the guards. Youko Kurama made it to safety, while it appeared that Kuronue had bled to death.

Character Description: Kuronue

Kuronue was at one time, and possibly still to this day, Youko Kurama's best friend. They went on raids, treasure hunts and thieved together. In the movie, Yu Yu Hakusho: Poltergeist Report, Kurama meets someone who looks alarming like Kuronue. This brings on a flashback of Kuronue dieing as they were running from the spirit team. Kuronue's pendant's string was somehow cut and fell to the ground below. Kuronue chased after it, thus falling behind. Kurama stopped and told him that it wasn't important enough to go back for.

Kuronue said that he needed it and that he couldn't live without it. After finding it and just picking it up, Kuronue was pierced several times throughout his body by shoots of bamboo, killing him. But before he bled to death, Youko came back for him, wanting to rescue him. Kuronue told him "Go Kurama! Save yourself! Go run!". Youko only shouted his name and ran to save himself.

In the movie, we see Kuronue standing before Kurama, who is now in his human form. Kuronue suggests that it was Youko who cut his pendant and made him fall into the trap that killed him, and left him there to die. Kurama claims that that is not true, and that he told him to save himself. This starts a fight between them, and during this fight Kuronue throws his pendant aside. Kurama now realises that the true Kuronue would never just throw it away, especially after he lost his life to get it back. Kurama attacks this impostor of Kuronue, as he asks for Kuronue, the real one, to lend him his strength. Kurama defeats him and the demon reveals his true form.

The demon angers Kurama greatly, and we see just how fierce Kurama can truly be as he destroys the demon by a forest of bamboo shoots, how ironic. After the battle is over, Kurama mourns for Kuronue one last time, and just then Hiei appears. "A person who does not carry scars on their heart, is a shallow soul." he says trying to comfort Kurama, and it appears to work.

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