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Anime Profile: Buso Renkin

USA Info
Japanese Info
Buso Renkin Busō Renkin(武装錬金) Buso Renkin
· · ·
  Busou Renkin(alternate spelling)
26 TV episodes 26 TV episodes
2004 2004
Viz Media Viz Media
  Nobuhiro Watsuki
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi Action, Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Captain Bravo Captain Bravo
· · ·
Chouno Koushaku Chouno Koushaku
· · ·
Kazuki Muto Kazuki Muto
· · ·
Mahiro Muto Mahiro Muto
· · ·
Washio Washio
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Buso Renkin

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Captain Bravo Captain Bravo Mita Mita
Chouno Koushaku Chouno Koushaku Moon Face Moon Face
Kazuki Muto Kazuki Muto Okakura Hideyuki Okakura Hideyuki
Mahiro Muto Mahiro Muto Ouka Hayasaka Ouka Hayasaka
Washio Washio Rintarou Inukai Rintarou Inukai
Alexandria Alexandria Rokumasu Kouji Rokumasu Kouji
Chisato Wakamiya Chisato Wakamiya Saori Kawai Saori Kawai
Daihama Masashi Daihama Masashi Saruwatari Saruwatari
Doctor Butterfly Doctor Butterfly Shi Shi
Genji Ikusabe Genji Ikusabe Shinobu Negoro Shinobu Negoro
Gozen Gozen Shusui Hayasaka Shusui Hayasaka
Gōta Nakamura Gōta Nakamura Shōusei Sakaguchi Shōusei Sakaguchi
Hanabusa Hanabusa Tai Tai
Hanaka Busujima Hanaka Busujima Tateyama Chitose Tateyama Chitose
Hiwatari Sekima Hiwatari Sekima Tokiko Tsumura Tokiko Tsumura
Jinnai Jinnai Victor Victor
Kinjo Kinjo Victoria Victoria
Madoka Maruyama Madoka Maruyama    

Anime Description: Buso Renkin

This story is about a 16 year old boy called Kazuki Muto, who is one night killed by a monster who was going to attack another girl, (which later turns out to be a misunderstanding). This 'Girl' happens to be an Alchemist Warrior called Tokiko, she brings him back to life using a Kakugane.

In doing so Kazuki gains a new life and powers, at first Kazuki thought the monster and the girl were all a dream, but when he goes back to school next day and gets a detention off a teacher called Mita he learns more.

Mita is the monster that was going to kill Tokiko. He is a homunculus, and he plans to kill Kazuki because he knows that he is alive. Tokiko calls Kazuki on his phone and then comes to help him but Kazuki's sister gets in the way, and she is eaten. Kazuki is devastated he tries to get Mahiro back but fails. Only the power of Alchemy can destroy the homunculus seeing as it was created by it.

Tokiko ends up saving both Kazuki and his sister. Kazuki is determined to help Tokiko destroy these homunculi because they are starting to swarm his home town, so he joins Tokiko as his apprentice and they both start a journey with many twists and turns in this amazing new world of Alchemy.

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