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Japanese Info
24 TV episodes, 1 movie24 TV episodes, 1 movie
Sept 25, 2001 (Movie), Sept 24, 2002 (TV)Aug 3, 1996 (Movie), Oct 3, 2001–Mar 27, 2002 (TV)
Manga Entertainment (Movie), Pioneer Entertainment (TV)CLAMP/Madhouse/Toei Animation (Movie)/ANIMAX/WOWOW
Rin Taro (Movie), Yoshiaki Kawajiri (TV)
Fantasy, Paranormal, Action, DramaFantasy, Paranormal, Action, Drama
Tokyo Babylon
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Characters: X

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Arashi Kishu Arashi Kishuu Asagi βŠ• Asagi βŠ•
Hokuto Hokuto Fuuma βŠ• Fuuma βŠ•
Kakyo Kakyou Hinoto (Dreamgazer princess) βŠ• Hinoto (Dreamgazer princess) βŠ•
Kamui Shirou Kamui Shirou Kanoe βŠ• Kanoe βŠ•
Karen Kasumi Karen Kasumi Kotori βŠ• Kotori βŠ•
Seishiro Sakurazuka Seishirou Sakurazuka Kusanagi βŠ• Kusanagi βŠ•
Sorata Arisugawa Sorata Arisugawa Nataku βŠ• Nataku βŠ•
Subaru Subaru Saiki Daisuke βŠ• Saiki Daisuke βŠ•
Yuto Kigai Yuuto Kigaai Satsuki βŠ• Satsuki βŠ•
Aoki βŠ• Aoki βŠ• Yuzuriha βŠ• Yuzuriha βŠ•

Description: X

In the anime, there are two parties with different objectives. One is the Dragons of Heaven, bent on protecting the people of Earth from destruction, and the other is the Dragons of Earth, bent on protecting the Earth. Each party consists of six members and a see-er. However, the destined one, Kamui, has a choice to make, as he can only choose one side to be on.

Though he is cold and uncaring at first, deep down inside him the reason he came back was to protect the two people he cherished and loved most, Fuuma and Kotori. However, destiny is ever cruel, and Fuuma is the companion star of Kamui to balance the scale. Being consumed by the evil of the Earth Dragon, his first is to kill his own sister, Kotori, and retrieve one of the Holy Swords. The final battle ensues as Kamui battles Fuuma for the destiny of Earth.

Description: Episode 1- A Reunion

All the characters basically receive their own calling, dependant upon their circumstances, and are sent to gather in Tokyo. Kamui enters a temple in which a sword is held... but he's told he has to fight a guy to get the sword back, in order to make sure he can wield it properly. And with as much, Kamui lashes out. Ironically, the priest with the sword turns out to be the father of Fuuma and Kotori, but that's a whole other story.

Kotori had a strange dream... though it's obviously not the first. She dreamt that Kamui returned from his long time away (they had been childhood friends). The next day, things went down exactly like in the dream, only instead of his warm smile she had dreamed of, he had this horrible coldness to him. This is because he was attacked by some people created from a charm while on his way to school (his first day of school back in Tokyo after all those years). He easily got through it, but he wasn't in a good mood.

So when Kotori spotted him, she chased him down, and spoke with him... "It's been a long time..." kind of thing. But he tells her not to talk to him, that he is not the same person he was all that time ago. As she leaves, he finally yells out, knowing he was spied on. Attacking the invisible foe, it turns out that the Dragon of Heaven's Dreamgazer princess had sent a charm to look at his face, because she was blind and had to know if it was the boy from the dream.

Description: Episode 2- A Nightmare

Kotori remembers a time playing with Kamui in times past... he saved her from falling from a tree even though he was frightened himself. He held her there all day, until he was even falling asleep. And from this came Fuuma's promise to Kamui that he would always protect him.

While walking, Kotori finds some bullies trying to beat up on Kamui... and then watches Kamui get out of the jam himself. Anyway, Saiki Daisuke later approaches Kamui, having observed him, not believing it was the real Kamui. A fight ensues, and while Kamui wins, he does get a nasty wound. Fuuma spots him while playing basketball, and of course worries over him, for they WERE childhood friends.

Arashi, Daisuke, and the Dreamgazer Princess Hinoto speak on him being the real Kamui, and the princess asks Arashi to look after him. Kamui makes his way home, bleeding all the while. Arisagawa Sorata, a junior in high school, sits atop a roof, pondering the situation when Kigai Yuuto initiates a fight with him.

Sorata casts Kekkai, or a barrier, in which the world encased in this barrier becomes an alternate dimension so the real area and people are not damaged. It is explained that the Kekkai will not lower until the caster is dead or badly injured, in which case the damage WILL be incurred to the real world. But the fight breaks off as Fuuma breaks through the barrier accidentally, just bicycling over towards Kamui's house to see if he was okay. Sorata was standing outside the door, and Fuuma finally opened it... to see Kamui collapsed on the floor.

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