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Blue SeedBuruu Shiido (ブルーシード) ("Blue Seed")Blue Seed
· · ·
Blue Seed
26 TV Episodes26 TV Episodes
1996–1997 [1995]
A.D. VisionTakeshobo/BS Project/TV Tokyo/NAS
Yuzo Takada
Jun Kamiya
Action, Comedy, ParanormalAction, Comedy, Paranormal
Blue Seed BeyondBlue Seed 2
Azusa MatsudairaAzusa Matsudaira
· · ·
Daitetsu KunikidaDaitetsu Kunikida
· · ·
Kaede KunikidaKaede Kunikida
· · ·
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Description: Blue Seed

From the creator of 3x3 Eyes and an old hand in anime alien horror comes probably his best known work: a work that includes plenty of action, drama, comedy, and (of course) lots of horrific monsters.

For thousands of years, there has been an alien life form in Japan, able to mutate and take control of almost any other life form and attack anywhere at anytime, giving rise to the old Japanese legends of demons, and monsters. They have usually been kept in check through human sacrifice. Now, the ancient Aragami are out for blood...and this time, humanity isn't giving up without a fight.

In the way of the Aragami's path of destruction is the Terrestrial Administration Center (TAC), an elite task force composed of the most talented people in Japan. Their mission is to seek out humanity's oppressors and annihilate them wherever they appear, and when it's an enemy that can attack without notice in almost any form, it is not easy. The TAC, however, has just gotten help from two very special people.

One is Momiji Fujimiya. Herself the last remaining person whose sacrifice can stop the Aragami, a twist of fate now has her also in possesstion of one of the Aragami's blue seeds, or mitama, and she is now using her mysterious powers to join the fight against the Aragami.

The other is Mamoru Kusanagi. Once a servant of the Aragami, this tortured man has turned against his masters and has given himself a new mission: to fight by Momiji's side and protect her. He sees in Momiji the best hope possible against the Aragami, and he'll do his best to undo the mistakes of his past.

It will be a dangerous journey for them and the rest of the TAC, with shocking revelation around every corner. For the sake of everyone in Japan, they'd better be ready for anything.

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