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Character Profile: Daitetsu Kunikida

USA Info
Japanese Info
Daitetsu Kunikida Daitetsu Kunikida Daitetsu Kunikida (Blue Seed)
Human Human
Male Male
40 years(a Virgo)(Blue Seed), 42 years(Blue Seed Beyond) 40 years(a Virgo)(Blue Seed), 42 years(Blue Seed Beyond)
Black Black
Black Black
Type B Type B
Head of the TAC Head of the TAC
Rob Mungle Akio Otsuka
Blue Seed Blue Seed
· · ·
Blue Seed Beyond Blue Seed 2

Character Description: Daitetsu Kunikida

Daitetsu Kunikida has been placed in charge of a rather secretive organization established by the Japanese government. Known as the Terrestrial Administration Center (or TAC), its name takes a roundabout route to its true purpose: the extermination of the Aragami.

On the outside, he is a fierce and determined man dedicated to helping the people of Japan against this scourge. This is why he originally went to Izumo shortly after the birth of the twin Kushinadas and offered to take in one of the twins (Kaede), figuring that in separation at least one of them would stand a greater chance of fulfilling her destiny. When Kaede disappeared, he offered the same protection for Momiji, but it's Momiji herself who refuses to stay under wraps, so he makes her part of the TAC instead.

While dedicated on the outside, on the inside Kunikida is a moral and sentimental human being. He is a man of honor and integrity. He doesn't like the idea of sacrificing the Kushinada. It doesn't seem like much compared to the welfare of Japan in general, but it still entails a terribly high moral price, and he figures there has to be a better way. He will do his utmost to help save his homeland...but NOT at the price of an innocent life!

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