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Japanese Info
Blue Seed BeyondBlue Seed 2Blue Seed Beyond
3 OVA Episodes3 OVA Episodes
A.D. Vision/Industrial Smoke & MirrorsTakeshobo/BS Project/TV Tokyo/NAS
Yuzo Takada
Jun Kamiya
Action, Sci-Fi, ParanormalAction, Sci-Fi, Paranormal
Blue SeedBlue Seed
Azusa MatsudairaAzusa Matsudaira
· · ·
Daitetsu KunikidaDaitetsu Kunikida
· · ·
Kome SawaguchiKome Sawaguchi
· · ·
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Characters: Blue Seed Beyond

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Azusa Matsudaira Azusa Matsudaira Ryoko Takeuchi Ryoko Takeuchi
Daitetsu Kunikida Daitetsu Kunikida Sakura Yamazaki Sakura Yamazaki
Kome Sawaguchi Kome Sawaguchi Shunichi Sugishita Shunichi Sugishita
Mamoru Kusanagi Mamoru Kusanagi Yoshiki Yaegashi Yoshiki Yaegashi
Momiji Fujimiya Momiji Fujimiya Valencia Tachibana Valencia Tachibana

Description: Blue Seed Beyond

A brief return to the world of Blue Seed two years after the events of the TV series. It seems that the nightmare known as the Aragami just refuses to go away. This time, man has brought the nightmare back to life with a purpose: seek out the Kushinada. So the TAC is called back together to track down and terminate this new twist to their nightmares, and this time, their mission will take them to America.

And to top off the strained relations between Momiji and Kusanagi, a new girl has mysteriously appeared. Named Valencia, it seems that she, like Kusanagi, also has been mutated by a mitama. Just what kinds of twists will this mean?

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