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Character Profile: Sakura Yamazaki

USA Info
Japanese Info
Sakura Yamazaki Sakura Yamazaki Sakura Yamazaki (Blue Seed)
Human Human
Female Female
18 years(Blue Seed), 20 years(Blue Seed Beyond) 18 years(Blue Seed), 20 years(Blue Seed Beyond)
Blonde Blonde
Red Red
Kusamikado Faith Healer Kusamikado Faith Healer
Allison Keith Saeko Tamagawa
Blue Seed Blue Seed
· · ·
Blue Seed Beyond Blue Seed 2

Character Description: Sakura Yamazaki

Narcissistic and conceited to no end...but damn good when she's at work. She is the current generation faith healer of the Kusamikado line. However, she lost her mother to an Aragami when she was a child. Rejected by her village, she was taken in by agents for the American government and trained to hone her skills. And now she's back in Japan, ready to settle the score with the Aragami. Her skills are easily demonstrated. When it comes to faith healing, she's one of the best, able to invoke a myriad of Shinto spells and incantations which include barriers and creatures that answer her summons from the spirit world.

When not in the traditional robe and glasses she dons when she's at work, she becomes someone quite different: a very attractive girl who loves to break the boys' hearts. She insists on doing things her way, and she takes pride in every success she makes (so far, she claims a 100% success rate). Momiji doesn't like Sakura too well: not only because Sakura continuously calls Momiji "Sacrifice Girl" but because she tries to woo Kusanagi. The feeling is mutual. Momiji gets all the attention...especially from Kusanagi.

However, her skills eventually attract the TAC's attention, and she becomes a contractor for them, providing her spiritual expertise for the right price. But one has to wonder...why did the Americans contact her in the first place, and why is she in Japan now? Could her interests in the Aragami include more than just their extermination?

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