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Japanese Info
ChuChuuChu (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Blue (in a mohawk)Blue (in a mohawk)
Leader of Team RokuyukaiLeader of Team Rokuyukai
Justin CookWakamoto Norio
Yu Yu HakushoYuu Yuu Hakusho

Character Description: Chu

Team Urameshi had thought that Zeru was the leader of team Rokuyukai, but it turns out that this guy here is their true leader. It just so happened that Chu had a spot of bad luck before the fight, drew the short straw, and ended up the alternate. But with his team down 2-1 (Kurama and Hiei had each won their fights after Kuwabara's loss), he took steps. The two members of his team that hadn't fought had tried to escape after seeing Hiei's terrifying Dragon of the Darkness Flame [Ensatsu-Koku-Ryu-Ha] technique, but in the tunnel leading out, Chu saw to it that both had "fatal accidents". Thus down a man, Chu was able to step in. He walked up and started talking, waiting for Team Urameshi's response.

The response was Yusuke. This shocked everyone because he had been plumb out cold throughout the first round, but it seems that Chu's loud mouth made for a nasty wake-up call. So they duked it out. Early on, it became clear that Chu earned his place as leader of Team Rokuyukai. He seems very laid back and casual, but his drunken fighter technique just disguises the fact that he's got lots of moves and massive power. But Yusuke had not been training for nothing, and it turns out that at this stage, the two are equally matched.

Their spirit energy eventually tapped out, Chu decides to make things interesting. Placing two knives on the floor, Chu challenged Yusuke to a "Knife-Edge Death Match". Basically, with one of each fighter's heels against one of the knives, the two would duke it out the old-fashioned way until one went down or slipped behind his knife. At first, the tournament's heads didn't like the idea but soon changed their mind. So it went on until both fighters tried a headbutt. Yusuke proves to have the harder head, and Chu goes down for the count.

Chu (Yu Yu Hakusho) After the match, Chu asks Yusuke to finish things (it was a death match, after all), but Yusuke declines, reasoning they could rematch someday. Then, when the audience protested, Yusuke shouted them down and stood by his decision. Both Chu and Rinku (his surviving teammate) were impressed, and they left the tournament respecting rather than hating Yusuke.

In the anime, Chu mentions that "the more he drinks, the stronger he is." So apparently the more alcohol he has, the stronger he gets.

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