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Character Profile: Forte

USA Info
Japanese Info
Forte Forte Forte (Betterman)
Forte (Betterman)
Somnium Somnium
Male Male
None None
Red with white pupils Red with white pupils
85' 25.91 m
Second most powerful form of Betterman Second most powerful form of Betterman
Betterman Betterman

Character Description: Forte

Among the Somniums there exists a legend. A legend of a Seed with enough power to destroy even Kankel. They said that the Seed of Forte was it because nothing had ever matched its power.

When the Akamatsu team was in the Ajanti Caves they ran into a creature of terrible power. They couldn't even get close enough to kill it with the Synapse Attack. That's when Lamia made an appearance. Using the Seed of Nebula, he transformed into the dragon. However, even the Psycho Voice was halted by the Behemoth. Apparrently the Behemoth could use its ears to create a sonic wall to block the sound waves of the Psycho Voice. Unable to combat the creature hand-to-hand, the head of Nebula was ripped off.

Lamia survived and managed to make it to a field of Animus Flowers for which the caves are famous for. Falling unconscious, he awoke find Seeme by his side. At his feet was the Seed of Forte. Heading back to the battle with the Behemoth, Lamia arrived just in time to save Hinoki and Keita. Changing into the all powerful Forte, Lamia made quick work of the Behemoth. Using the Psycho Glory, an attack where Lamia Scans his opponents body and finds the breakdown point, he then launches the appendage on top of his head into the breakdown point causing the Behemoth's body to turn into a dust shell. He then proceeds to destroy the body with a single punch.

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