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Riku MiyagusukuRiku MiyagusukuRiku Miyagusuku (Blood+)
Human (Becomes one of Saya's Chevalier at episode 24)Human (Becomes one of Saya's Chevalier at episode 24)
13 years old (dies at age 14)13 years old (dies at age 14)
Light BrownLight Brown
Saya's and Kai's younger adoptive brother, Saya's Chevalier, deceased (Episode 32 and beyond)Saya's and Kai's younger adoptive brother, Saya's Chevalier, deceased (Episode 32 and beyond)
Kamali MinterAkiko Yajima

Character Description: Riku Miyagusuku

One of Saya's adoptive brothers, Riku is the youngest. He is usually found following his brother Kai around or sometimes Saya or Haji if Kai isn't around. In fact, he learns from Haji how to play the cello.

As the series progresses and Diva has made her appearance, she lures Riku in the burnt down remains of Saya's and Diva's old home (the "Zoo") and bites his neck, sucking his blood. Saya soon finds the two, but it's too late: Diva has sucked out enough blood to lead Riku on the verge of death. The only possible way to save the boy was that he drank Saya's blood, thus becoming Saya's 2nd Chevalier.

During that time, he stuck very close to Saya and protected her. He, however, has no real fighting experience and doubts himself on whether he'll be too much use--only to be encouraged by both Haji and Kai, who keep telling him he has so much potential.

Sadly, whether or not he had the potential to protect, Saya was never discovered. After drinking his blood, Diva became strangely infatuated by Riku and decides to pay him a visit. Letting Karl distract and battle it out with Saya and Haji, Diva and her Chevalier wreaked havoc on the Red Shield's boat, killing off R.S. members who dared to stand in their way. Diva hunted down Riku by following the sounds of his heartbeat and soon corners him in the storage area. She rapes Riku, because Diva can only reproduce with Saya's Chevalier, and repays Riku with her blood, which instead kills him and crystallizes his body.

His body is then crushed to tiny bits by the falling debris of R.S. ship while it was on self-destruct, leaving Kai with a single red crystal that was once part of his body. Kai later shapes the stone into a pendent, which he wears around his neck to remind him of his little brother Riku and his tragic death.

His twin daughters are later taken care of by his older brother Kai, after Diva's demise.

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