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Japanese Info
B'tX (pronounced "Beat X")B'tX (pronounced "Beat X")B'tX
· · ·
B'tX Neo (OVA)B'tX Neo (OVA)
· · ·
Beat XBeat X
25 TV Episodes, 14 OVA Episodes
April 6, 1996–Sept 21, 1996 (TV)
· · ·
August 21, 1997–Jan 21, 1998 (OVA)
TMS Ent/TMS-Kyokuchi/TBS
Masami Kurumada
Mamoru Hamatsu
Action, Adventure, Mecha, ShonenAction, Adventure, Mecha, Shonen
Aramis βŠ•
· · ·
B'T Chance βŠ•
· · ·
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Characters: B'tX

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
--?-- Aramis βŠ• --?-- B'T X βŠ•
--?-- B'T Chance βŠ• --?-- Fao βŠ•
--?-- B'T Falcon βŠ• --?-- Hokuto βŠ•
--?-- B'T Jutaime βŠ• --?-- Karen βŠ•
--?-- B'T Madonna βŠ• --?-- Kotaro Takamiya βŠ•
--?-- B'T Max βŠ• --?-- Marcello βŠ•
--?-- B'T Mirage βŠ• --?-- Miisha βŠ•
--?-- B'T Raidoh βŠ• --?-- Ron βŠ•
--?-- B'T Ramuh βŠ• --?-- Teppei Takiyama βŠ•

Description: B'tX

One day, Teppei visits his older brother Kotaro (who is a scientist in mechanics) during a scientific conference after spending 11 years in training with a woman named Karen. However, disaster strikes when a mysterious woman named Aramis kills everyone at the conference in an effort to kidnap Kotaro.

Aramis originates from the mysterious and deadly forces of the Machine Empire. While chasing after Aramis and his brother, he runs into a broken mechanical horse known as the B'tX. It revives itself using Teppei's blood and becomes an ally in battle. From here on, Teppei becomes a warrior dedicated to rescuing Kotaro and putting an end to the Machine Empire. However, he won't go at it alone. He encounters other allies who also use the power of these fierce mechanical steeds.

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