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Makina HoshimuraMakina Hoshimura (ζ˜Ÿζ‘ ηœžε§«ι‚£)Makina Hoshimura (Corpse Princess)
16 years old (born November 28)16 years old (born November 28)
Type AType A
Shikabane-hime contracted to Keisei Tagami, later to Ouri KagamiShikabane-hime contracted to Keisei Tagami, later to Ouri Kagami
Luci ChristianNana Akiyama (秋山 ε₯ˆγ€…)
Episode 1, "The Dead Dance"Episode 1, "The Dead Dance"
Corpse PrincessShikabane Hime

Character Description: Makina Hoshimura

Makina Hoshimura was originally the daughter of a Buddhist monk who worked with the Kougan sect. Early on in her childhood, a young boy named Keisei Tagami came to live with the Hoshimura family after the death of his. Makina and Keisei grew up like brother and sister, and when Keisei himself decided to become a monk of the Kougan sect himself, he left, keeping in touch from time-to-time.

Makina's father was the monk responsible for creating the process that made shikabane-hime – undead warriors who are responsible for sending rogue shikabane back to their true deaths, and after dispatching 108 of them that the girls get to go to heaven. And it was because of this that the entire Hoshimura family was slaughtered in a fire cause by a group of shikabane knowns as the Seven Stars. However, Makina – who was personally tortured by the Seven Stars – expressed regret of not having done anything to save her family, and as a result became a shikabane herself. Wishing to gain revenge for the deaths of herself and her family, Makina personally requested that Keisei – who never wanted to have anything to do with shikabane hime – become her contracted monk so that she could slaughter as many shikabane possible... and maybe find the Seven Stars themselves.

And so Makina, driven by rage and hatred for the shikabane who killed her, began her own journey for personal redemption - all the while armed with twin MAC-10 submachine guns. However, from time-to-time, she would run into Ouri Kagami, Keisei's adopted brother. More annoyed than curious, Makina would make it know to Ouri to stay clear of her, despite the fact that Ouri was helpful to Makina, as well as Keisei.

Apparently, the Seven Stars make their presence known – with the help of their new ally, the 'traitor monk' Akasha Shishido, a former friend of Keisei. In the battle that followed, Keisei ended-up fatally injured. Remembering the sad end of another shikabane-hime that lost her contracted monk, Minai Ruo, Keisei managed to transfer his contract with Makina to Ouri – a contract Makina reluctantly accepted. It was only after a half year followed when Makina accepted Ouri as her new contracted monk.

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