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Anime Profile: Crying Freeman

USA Info
Japanese Info
Crying Freeman Crying Furiiman(Cryingフリーマン)("Crying Freeman") Crying Freeman
· · ·
  Crying Freeman
6 OVA episodes 6 OVA episodes
1988–90, 1994-2001 1988–90, 1994-2001
Streamline Pictures Studio Ship/Weekly Big Comic Spirits/Toei Animation
· · ·
A.D. Vision  
  Kazuo Koike, Ryoichi Ikegami
  Daisuke Nishio(episode 1)
· · ·
  Nobutaka Nishizawa(episode 2)
· · ·
  Johei Matsuura(episode 3)
· · ·
  Shigeyasu Yamauchi(episode 4)
· · ·
  Takaaki Yamashita(episode 5)
Martial Arts, Drama, Ecchi, Romance Martial Arts, Drama, Ecchi, Romance
Crying Freeman/Yo Hinomura/Om Thai Yeung Crying Freeman/Yo Hinomura/Om Thai Yeung
· · ·
Tak Yuen Koh Tak Yuen Koh
· · ·
Tiger Lily/Emu Hino/Fu Ching Lan Tiger Lily/Emu Hino/Fu Ching Lan

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Anime Description: Crying Freeman

An artist at heart, Yo Hinomura was about to explode as a world famous pottery artist. At the height of his premiere show, he had an accidental, life altering encounter with the 108 Dragons, a very powerful criminal organization of assassins/dealers. This encounter was a start of many changes for Yo, starting with his abduction and then training to be one of the Dragons, to be an assassin.

Using acupuncture, the 108 Dragons seduced and trained him to the ways of the dark side. His body and mind are honed to perfection as the ultimate killing machine. Then his entire body is wrapped with tatoo giant dragon, his trademark. Only after he completes his mission, when he kills, does he return to his normal self and this is when he releases tears of sorrow for the life he has taken. These tears are what brought about the name Crying Freeman.

The story of Freeman continues as he goes from an assassin to the most feared assassin in the world, to the head of the whole 108 Dragon Organization. The story tells of his loves, his near deaths, his struggles, and his indomitable will to always preserver. He is the true Dragon.

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