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Anime Profile: Deltora Quest

USA Info
Japanese Info
Deltora Quest Deltora Quest Deltora Quest
52 TV episodes 52 TV episodes
Adventure, Fantasy Adventure, Fantasy
Barda Barda
· · ·
Jasmine Jasmine
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Lief Lief

Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Anime Description: Deltora Quest

In the hideous Shadowlands, a demon called the Shadow Lord overtakes the Land of Deltora by destroying a mystical object: the Belt of Deltora. This belt consists of seven gems, the Diamond, the Emerald, the Lapis Luzuli, the Topaz, the Opal, the Ruby, and the Amethyst. It is the only thing that protected Deltora from his cruel ways, and now, it is destroyed...

Sixteen years after this all occurred, a boy named Lief is sent on a quest to retrieve the Seven lost gems. Along with him are Barda, his previous body-guard in the town of Del, and Jasmine, a wild girl from the Forest.

If the trio cannot complete the task, all of Deltora will be lost.

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