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Davis MotomiyaDaisuke MotomiyaDavis Motomiya (Digimon: Digital Monsters)
12 years11 years
Brian DonnovanKiuchi Reiko
Digimon: Digital Monsters (season 2)Digimon Adventure 02
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Digimon: The MovieDigimon (Movies 1-3)

Character Description: Davis Motomiya

Daisuke's first experience with Digimon was in the year 1999, he was one of the children brought before Vamdemon during his reign of terror over the city of Odaiba. Like everyone else, the experience sort of faded from his memory until he met Michael and he and the others remembered their first introductions to Digimon. Perhaps Daisuke's most defining trait is his intense jealousy towards anyone he sees as a rival for Hikari's affections, not the least of whom is Takeru. When Takeru transfers into their class at the beginning of the school year, Daisuke immediately starts acting like a jerk when it becomes apparent that Takeru and Hikari know each other. He even pushes V-mon to evolve to Champion so that he can show off in front of Hikari. This obsession seems to fade by the end of the series, so much so that when confronted with Belial Vamdemon's tricks, Daisuke is able to say that he has no desires in this world.

Aside from his initial dislike of Takeru, Daisuke is a very outgoing, friendly sort, and he is the first to accept Ken as one of their own. Early on he claims not to know what friendship is, but his later actions prove that he is truly the one worthy of the Digimental of Friendship.

Although he often rushes into things and makes mistakes, his courage in the face of outstanding odds cannot be denied. No matter how dire the situation, he always believed that they would somehow make it through. There is certainly no one more suited to the Digimental of Courage than Daisuke.

Davis Motomiya (Digimon: Digital Monsters) Daisuke's moment to shine was in the final battle with Belial Vamdemon. While the other children were caught in their dreamworlds, unable to let go of their desires, Daisuke remained untouched. Instead he went to each of his freinds and helped bring them back to reality. Even then they were not sure whether they could win or not, and were too afraid to try. But Daisuke, ever optimistic, encouraged them to give it a shot. Then their Digimon miraculously evolved over and over again and began attacking Belial Vamdemon. Without Daisuke, the Chosen Children surely would have died then.

When the Dark Seed children needed encouragement, he shared with them his dream, to become the owner of a ramen restaurant. When he grew up he fulfilled this dream, starting out small with a pull cart in America, and eventually becoming the owner of a worldwide chain of restaurants. His entrepreneurship earned him a place on magazine covers around the globe. He has one son.

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