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MetalSeadramonMetalSeadramon (MetaruShiidoramon)MetalSeadramon (Digimon: Digital Monsters)
Cyborg DigimonCyborg Digimon
Dark Master/DeceasedDark Master/Deceased
This is my moment of GLORY!....how's my hair look?
Doug Erholtz
Digimon: Digital MonstersDigimon: Digital Monsters

Character Description: MetalSeadramon

One mean ride with a metal bad ass attitude, that's Metal/MechaSeadramon for ya. The longest Dark Master and the very first to take on the Digidestined. The Dark Masters each control a section of the Digiworld, and naturally MechaSeadramon controls the ocean.

With a body as long as he is and totally coated with chromodigitoid armor, he is nearly indestructable.

MechaSeadramon is a very brash and fast acting machine, he's a bit of a big mouth and is very sure of himself in combat. All of his underlings are sea creatures and include Scorpiomon and Divermon.

His wise cracking attitude and over confidence make it easy for the kids and their Digimon to hide from him in Whamon. But MechaSeadramon is a hunter and knows the sea better then anyone.

Eventually the steel serpent found them and assulted them after the Divermon had been defeated. Agumon became Wargreymon and took on the dark master claws to mouth.

MechaSeadramon proved too fast for Wargreymon to fight alone, so Whamon tried to help. But one blast of MechaSeadramon's "River of Power" attack ended Whamon's life.

Out of rage Wargreymon spiraled into MechaSeadramon's mouth, and literally exploded his body from the inside out. MechaSeadramon was killed, and left dissolving in the same ocean he once ruled.

Character Description: MetalSeadramon

During the time the Digidestined were fighting Myotismon at Tokyo, the DarkMasters took over the DigitalWorld and warped it into Spiral Mountain, with MetalSeadramon ruling over the NetOcean. The largest of the DarkMasters, Metalseadramon was the first to take on the Digi Destined. MetalSeadramon is extremely overconfident in his own skills, but he knows the sea better then anyone. His minions are aqautic Digimon.

Most of MetalSeadramon's body is covered in DigiChromazoid, making him nearly indestructable. Only WarGreymon seems to have a chance due to his Dramon-Destroyer Gauntlets. MechaSeadramon proved too fast for WarGreymon to fight alone, so Whamon tried to help, but MetalSeadramon fatality wounded Whamon as a result. Out of rage, WarGreymon perform his BraveTornado attack and spiraled into MetalSeadramon's mouth, rippinged his way out and killing MetalSeadramon instantly.

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