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DamaramuDamaramuDamaramu (Dragon Half)
Human (later on cyborg)Human (later on cyborg)
40 years40 years
Indestructible knightIndestructible knight
"Damaramu shall forever regret this"
Brett WeaverAkio Ohstuka
Dragon HalfDragon Half

Character Description: Damaramu

There is a fine line between intelligence and sheer stupidity, and Damaramu is not even close to either. He's at the level of brain dead moron. Probably the dumbest man in existance, Damaramu is the loud mouthed, cocky, big gun that the King hires to kill Mink.

Completely ignorant and constantly talking in third person, Damaramu is a hilarious character who is just too damn funny for even words. Damaramu solves everything with direct, blind force. He aims to destroy Mink, and tries while screaming "DIE, DIE, DIE".

Personality wise he's more like a giant false advertising sign. He claims he's so powerful and strong yet ends up DYING everytime.

When Mink first met Damaraumu he had just NOW realized he hadn't eaten in over 6 weeks. So he tried to eat Pia's pet mouse Mappy for dinner. Mink stopped him and a battle broke out between the two.

Roshi, Damaramu's pet pytearodactyl, held Mink down so that Damaramu could finish her off with his laser sword. But Mappy transformed and scared Damaramu so much that he flung his sword in the air and it landed in his own skull. Damaramu was impaled by his own weapon.

Amazingly he returned at the Killer Martial Arts Tournament as Mink's first opponent. Damaramu's brain was SO small or "compact" as he puts it, that the blade simply nicked his brain.

Damaramu was also reborn and rebuilt with mechanical body parts and weapons thanks to Blacksmith Tony's workshop. Mink was getting her ass kicked by the new Metal Damaramu, that is until he ran out of gas and weapons. Apparantly he wasted them while showing off in the beginning of the match.

So Damaramu called Mecha-Roshi to finish Mink off, but he was the size of a freaking micro machine. Damaramu's last weapon was a sidewinder ultra bomb that came out of his ahem.....you know where. But Mink charmed Mecha-Roshi into entering the missile's path.

The bomb exploded and blasted Metal Damaramu off the egde of the ring into the sea of molten lava surrounding it. But long after Mink left, Damaramu was revealed to still be alive and plenty pissed off.

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