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Hitomi KanzakiHitomi KanzakiHitomi Kanzaki (Escaflowne)
The girl from the Mystic Moon
15 years (born December 9)15 years (born December 9)
5'3"160 cm
97 lbs44 kg
High School StudentHigh School Student
"I won't be used as a tool!"
Kelly SheridanMaya Sakamoto
EscaflowneTenku no Escaflowne

Character Description: Hitomi Kanzaki

On Earth, Hitomi was just starting high school, getting into the track team (specializing in the 100m dash and the long jump). Then Van Fanel happened to burst into her world and her life...and then take her back into his world: the hidden world of Gaea.

What Hitomi discovers is that she has incredible psychic gifts that have awakened when she arrived on Gaea. She had always had a bit of a curiosity with the occult. She had received a pendant from her grandmother, and she carried a deck of tarot cards which she used once in a while. Both are with her when she goes to Gaea. She soon discovers that on Gaea, both the cards and the pendant have true powers of divination. She learns about the past and future by playing the tarot, and every chance card she draws from the deck is a hint on what's to come. Using the dowsing pendant, she can gain a sense of where to find things and people she seeks.

Most ominous of all, however, are her permonitions. Every so often, she briefly catches glimpses of the past and future, usually with ominous overtones. Notably, some of these premonitions allow Hitomi to sense when normally cloaked Guymelefs are about to strike. The ominous feelings are mutual, however, for the enemy could never have predicted that a girl from Earth, the Mystic Moon, would ever appear in Gaea. Her presence is a constant worry to Zeibach.

Hitomi has a very strong belief in protecting those she cares for. Most times, she can be remarkably brave, taking risks (like the time she leaped between lightships) and placing herself into danger. She is having difficult sorting out her feelings between the rash but brave young Fanelian king Van Fanel and the brave Astorian knight Allen Schezar (who reminds her of someone from Earth).

NOTE: In the manga versions (both shounen and shoujo), Hitomi last name is Hoshino, whereas in the anime her last name is Kanzaki, which means "The eye which can see the invisible".

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