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Character Profile: Allen Schezar

USA Info
Japanese Info
Allen Schezar Allen Schezar Allen Schezar (Escaflowne)
Pretty Boy Allen  
Human Human
Male Male
32 years old 32 years old
Long blond hair Long blond hair
Blue Blue
5'10" 178 cm
155 lbs. 70.3 kg
Knight of Asturia? Knight of Asturia?
"I will not fall in love again."  
Escaflowne Tenku no Escaflowne

Character Description: Allen Schezar

Allen Schezar is a Knight of Asturia. But he abandons his country to warn Van about the Zaibach fortress. He may be very pretty, but he's a somewhat good fighter. A trademark move of his is to spin around so his hair gets caught up in your mouth, so you're defenseless for a moment, leaving Allen to strike! He used that move on Van while they were training at the rooftop of Asturia castle.

Allen says he'll never fall in love again. But I think he's lying, as he spends a lot of time with Hitomi, and the princess of Asturia, Millerna. He flirts with both often. But everyone knows that he and Asturia's first princess, Marlene, had some sort of affair. The result? The prince of Fried: Chid. Even though the Duke of Fried denied it, even he knows the truth: Chid is Allen and Marlene's love child.

Allen tells Hitomi that he loves her (Folken uses the Fate Alteration Engine)on the day Dridan tells of his plan to marry Melearna. They are together until Hitomi goes back to earth. (Van brings Hitomi to Gaea again.)

Allen also flies his own Guymelef, named after himself. But I think he's better at swordplay then Guymelef-play.

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