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Battle Angel AlitaTsutsu Yume GUNNM (銃夢 GUNNM) ("Hyper Future Vision GUNNM")Battle Angel Alita
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Hyper Future Vision GUNNM
1 OVA episodes2 OVA episodes
A.D. VisionBusiness Jump/KSS, Inc./MOVIC
Yukito Kishiro
Hiroshi Fukutomi
Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, MechaAction, Drama, Sci-Fi, Mecha
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Characters: Battle Angel Alita

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Alita Gally Yugo Yugo
Chiren Chiren Grewcica Grewcica
Clive Lee Clive Lee Rasha Rasha
Daisuke Ido Daisuke Ido Vector Vector

Description: Battle Angel Alita

In 1991, artist and writer Yukito Kishiro began to create a new graphic series for Shueisha Publishing's "Business Jump," a weekly comic aimed at adult audiences. Entitled "Gunnm" (literally "Gun Dream"), Kishiro's continuing odyssey of a young female cyborg's journey of self-discovery, set in a unique and highly detailed fantasy setting, captured the imagination of Japanese readers. Today, over 900,000 devoted fans follow Gunnm on a weekly basis.

In 1992, Viz Comics, one of North America's premiere publishers of Japanese comic books, or manga, decided to bring Gally and her world to the English-reading public, at that time changing both the title and the main character's name to "Battle Angel Alita". Again, the response was overwhelming, as Kishiro's masterful storytelling enthralled a whole new legion of fans.

In 1993, a team of extraordinary animators, artists, and writers began the arduous task of transforming Kishiro's intricate universe into a series of Original Animation Videos, or OAVs. The results, to date, are two of the most finely realized animated films ever created for any medium: "Gunnm - Rusty Angel" and "Gunnm - Tears Sign". A.D. Vision is very proud to present both of these extraordinary films, together, as "Battle Angel".

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