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Character Profile: Dee Laytner

USA Info
Japanese Info
Dee Laytner Dee Laytner Dee Laytner (Fake)
Human Human
Male Male
27 years old(source: volume 6) 27 years old(source: volume 6)
Black Black
Green(source: manga volume 7) Green(source: manga volume 7)
Detective Detective
"Why do you always have to come in when things start warming up?"  
  Seki Tomokazu
Fake Fake

Character Description: Dee Laytner

Dee Laytner is a New York Detective that works for the NYPD. He was raised by a nun, that he calls "Penguin", in an orphanage. At first he just teases Ryo about being gay, by kissing him, but he eventually starts to develop feelings for Ryo. Dee is hot-tempered and very flirtatious, and he isn't shy about kissing Ryo in public. Whenever he tries to make out with Ryo, Bikky always bursts into the room.

Dee claims that he hates kids, but he doesn't because whenever Bikky is in trouble, he bails him out. Whenever someone threatens to hurt Ryo, he gets all gets protective and beats the living daylights of the person. Dee often argues with the Chief and he is pretty much careless about work, but whenever it comes to action, he's a live wire then.

Dee loves to get cozy with Ryo, but he gets beaten by a kid every time he tries to get "close" with him. There is one big thorn in Dee's side and that's J.J., his old friend from his academy days. J.J. is literally obsessed and in love with him, but Dee hates and finds him very annoying. Things start getting really kinky when Commissioner Berkeley Rose comes along and tries to put the moves on Ryo.

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