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Tifa LockhartTifa LockhartTifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children)
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Tifa Lockheart (alternate spelling)Tifa Lockheart (alternate spelling)
22 years old22 years old
Black (sometimes brown)Black (sometimes brown)
Owner of the Seventh Heaven BarOwner of the Seventh Heaven Bar
"You're late...""You're late..."
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Rachael Leigh CookAyumi Ito
Final Fantasy VII: Advent ChildrenFinal Fantasy VII: Advent Children
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Final Fantasy VII: Last OrderFinal Fantasy VII: Last Order

Last I checked, this character's cosplay outfit was available at Milanoo and Xfancy.

Character Description: Tifa Lockhart

Tifa is the owner of the Seventh Heaven bar, and is Cloud's childhood friend. She cares about other people a lot, although she's the one that usually hurt. Tifa's fighting style, composed of punches and kicks were taught to her by her mentor Zangan. She was present at the Nibelhiem incident, though Zangan took her to Midgar after receiving injuries from Sephiroth. With a new-found hatred for ShinRa for allowing this to happen and shrugg it off like it waas nothing, Tifa joined AVALANCHE. While Barret Wallace and the others carried out missions, she managed the bar and watched over Marlene Wallace until ShinRa decided to take out Sector 7.

Once Sephiroth was dealt with, Tifa built a new Seventh Heaven at Edge, which doubled as a orphanage for children like Denzel. When Tifa and Marlene head to Aerith's church, they find Cloud's belongings and a blackened bandage. Tifa then realized Cloud had Geostigma. Tifa is then attacked by Loz, whose speed and brutal strength overwhelmed her, and is knocked out for a while. She later attempted to protect Denzel while he was under Jevona's influence during Bahamut SIN's attack on the city's memorial statue.

Overall, Tifa is a kind person who cares about Cloud and those dear to her.

Character Description: Tifa Lockhart

Tifa is bright, cheerful, optimistic and positive. She always cheers people up and her attempts are some of the only to succeed, plus she always has a right way with words. Although she appears so carefree, she really acts more cheerful then she is because she finds herself sad often and in reality is more dark and depressed.

She is gorgeous and has male fans, but DO NOT let her looks fool you. If ever provoked, she can become a lethal weapon. So, obviously she is very strong, tough, brave and fast. She has had many years in training with martial arts and is a pro at that. She can destroy almost any enemy with her BARE fists! Plus, her dark red combat boots have metal plates all around them for even more damage. She usually wears a plain white tank top, black mini skirt, black finger-less gloves, red boots and black socks, black suspenders attached to a silver belt, and sliver tear drop earrings, but when she fights, she puts on dark red, leather fighting gloves.

She has no parents, no siblings, and a few friends. One she has loved for many years and still can't admit it is Cloud.

She is also very much a tomboy, despite the fact she has a very feminine body. She always hung out with boys when she was a kid, also, plus she usually never wears skirts or dresses.

She was home schooled, so she is kinda shy, but not to much.

As for jobs, well, she runs her own bar and takes care of many Midgar orphans. Plus she is on an anti-shinra called avalanche.

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