Whose best, Spike or Vicious?

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Spike or Vicious?

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Whose best, Spike or Vicious?

Post by Leki »

I'm a big fan of both Spike and Vicious, but Vicious will always win with me. He's always been my favorite character in Cowboy Bebop and I love him to death. I just hope I can get the dvds soon so I can watch him more.

So, who yah'll thinks the best of Bebop, Spike or Vicious?
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Re: Whose best, Spike or Vicious?

Post by Ethereal Blaze »

i like 'em both equally. Spike has a laid back cool, but Vic. has a mega-evil cool. both of which i respect
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Re: Whose best, Spike or Vicious?

Post by TintaSerpentGoddess »

I like Spike. He's so flippin' awsome.

(Flippin' is my new word. Lol.)
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Re: Whose best, Spike or Vicious?

Post by Cold Revolver »

Spike, why? Watch the cowboy beebop Movie, guy seriously has balls. 8)

The voice actor for spike is also the voice actor for The Negotiator on Big O.
Spike would kicks ass, Literally. He can also get his ass kicked and still keep on going, haha Like in the movie he almost dies than the next morning he is good to go again. Bam! :D
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Re: Whose best, Spike or Vicious?

Post by Tyche »

...this is a though one... :shock:



..................uuuuuggggggghhhhh ](*,)

Spike! I said it! Spike.... 'cause.... um.... he's just so... you know. "Look how I don't care, AH! KIDS AND DOG!!! >.< .... I'm hungry.... I'm gonna kick someone's ass..." *does so*
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Re: Whose best, Spike or Vicious?

Post by Seto Kaiba's Girl »

Spike, no question about it.
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Re: Whose best, Spike or Vicious?

Post by Coin~operated Boy<3 »

i love vicious.
and spikes hot

so i voted vicious.
just because of the fact that spike wont date me. *pouts*
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Re: Whose best, Spike or Vicious?

Post by neko_teriyakishogo49 »

i would say Spike!!!
because, he can beat anyone down!
i mean he was based on bruce lee, right?
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Re: Whose best, Spike or Vicious?

Post by Robbie Hendrix »

Vicious is the best
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Re: Whose best, Spike or Vicious?

Post by evil_neko »

Hard decision, Spike and Vicious are two of my favorite characters, but i'm gonna have to say spike due to his lazy yet get it done attitude.
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