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Character Profile: Dominic

USA Info
Japanese Info
Dominic   Dominic (Fullmetal Alchemist)
Human Human
Male Male
Gray Gray
"I don't take apprentices"  
Vol. 5 Ch. 18 "The Value of Sincerity"(manga) Vol. 5 Ch. 18 "The Value of Sincerity"(manga)
Fullmetal Alchemist Hagane no Renkin Jutsushi

Character Description: Dominic manga version

Dominic makes auto-mail just like Pinako and Winry, except that he lives close to Rushvalley (also known as the boomtown of the broken down). The reason Rushvalley is known as the boomtown of the broken down because it has a lot of people who do auto-mail. This town is close to Dublith, where the Elric brothers' teacher lives. One day, Dominic sees a child that can't walk, and he takes her to make a pair of auto-mail legs. The child's name is Payaninya. Dominic does have a son who is married.

When Ed, Al, and Winry show up at his house, he won't take Winry as an apprentice. Also, he tries to get a doctor, but lightening wrecked the bridge. Also, his grandson gets born. He also examines Ed's auto-mail.

What shocks him is when Al said "Granny Pinako will be all alone in Resembool." From this, he learns the truth of Winry's grandma's name, and he says "The memories are too awful! The Wild woman! The PANTHERESS OF RESEMBOOL!". He still refuses to take Winry as an apprentice, but he knows someone who is looking for one. He does, however, let Winry watch him work, and visit his grandson.

One thing that is different from the anime versus manga is when Ed's watch is opened. In the anime, it's when the Elric brothers are in Resembool with Armstrong. In the manga, it's open while at Dominic's house. In the anime it says "don't forget 3.oct.10", while in the manga it says "don't forget 3.oct.11".

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