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Character Profile: Greed

USA Info
Japanese Info
Greed Greed Greed (Fullmetal Alchemist)
The Ulitimate Shield The Ulitimate Shield
Homunculus Homunculus
Male Male
About 250 years old About 250 years old
Black Black
Purplish/pink Purplish/pink
About 6'0" About 183 cm
Deadly Sin Deadly Sin
"Tell me, how many knuckles did you break, three or four?"  
Chris Patton Jun'ichi Suwabe
Fullmetal Alchemist Hagane no Renkin Jutsushi

Character Description: Greed

Greed is one of the Homunculi. The sign of the Oroboros is on his left hand. His special power is to be able to create a shield from the carbon in his blood/body.

Greed kidnapped Al in the series, but not being as evil as the rest of the Seven Deadly Sins, he lets Al go. Shortly after, Ed kills Greed by stabbing him in the heart with his automail.

GreedGreed has a grudge against Envy that doesn't let up even after Greed's seal is broken. Envy seems to want to do nothing more than get rid of Greed. After being released from Lab 5 he recruits Chimeiras, Shou Tucker, and Kimblee to help obtain an eternal life. Kimblee however betrays him, leading to the event of Greed's demise.

Greed, the "Ultimate Shield", is an ex-lover of Dante, who tried to bring him back to life, bringing him back as a Homunculus in her failure. Unlike the other Homunculi, Greed has no intention of becoming human, nor does he have any need for the Philosopher's Stone. His only intention is immortality.

Locked away in Laboratory 5 by Dante, who locked him there as punishment for defying her, he escaped when the lab blew up. He later on kidnaps Edward's younger brother Alphonse, but soon releases him with Martel safe inside his armor. He goes to Dante for help against Lust and Gluttony, who wish to kill him, but is punished once more for his betrayal as Dante (in the form of Lyra) lures him into a giant transmutation circle with his bones nearby, then activates the circle, causing him to throw up the stones he's eaten. After Dante leaves the weakened Greed, Edward soon arrives and kills Greed in hand-to-hand combat, after discovering the secret of his Ultimate Shield ability.

After Ed runs Greed through, Greed divulges the secret of the homonculi's weakness so as to get a final shot at revenge on Dante. Homonculi become significantly weaker when in the presence of their mortal remains. Their powers can falter, and their own bodies can become vulnerable to transmutation (this was how Ed defeated Greed--weakened and so near his bones, Greed couldn't stop Ed transmuting away Greed's carbon armor and running him through before he could reform it).

Wrath is the only homonculus who lacks this vulnerability (because--unlike in other resurrection attempts--his mortal remains were *themselves* committed to the alchemy--and thus into his body).

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