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Character Profile: Argo Gulskii

USA Info
Japanese Info
Argo Gulskii   Argo Gulskii (Mobile Fighter G Gundam)
Black Joker  
Human Human
Male Male
26 years(born September 13, FC33) 26 years(born September 13, FC33)
Brown Brown
Green Green
7'2" 219 cm
222 lbs 101 kg
Type O Type O
Gundam fighter pilot for Neo-Russia(pilots Bolt Gundam) Gundam fighter pilot for Neo-Russia(pilots Bolt Gundam)
"I don't need anyone to help me. I'll fight my own battles."  
Mobile Fighter G Gundam Kidou Butoden G Gundam

Character Description: Argo Gulskii

A former space pirate, Argo had been captured by the authorities. To save the lives of his crew, Argo agreed to become the Gundam Fighter for Neo-Russia. He is constantly reminded of his imprisonment by the bomb strapped to his chest. He always travels in his energy chain bonds and is constantly under the watchful eye of Natasha, his overseer.

Argo is best described as the strong, silent type. He's probably the toughest man you'll ever know (taking some of Domon's best punches and then downing him with one blow amounts to something), which probably explains his designation in the Shuffle Alliance as the "Black Joker". However, Argo decided to give Domon some respect after he took one punch that sent him to the floor and later almost lost to Domon later in a Gundam Fight.

Neo-Russia's Bolt Gundam is built much like a tank: tough as anything. It can shrug off even well-landed blows and come back with powerful blows of its own. It's built simply with only two weapons: four vulcans and its massive Graviton Hammer capable of crushing most anything.

Character Description: Argo Gulskii

Argo was once a space pirate, who didn't like to kill people, but when he had to, he did. His captors forced him to go to a Neo-Russian prison, but he decided to become the Gundam Fighter for his country. The only reason that Neo-Russia kept winning is because they imprisoned all of the enemy fighters until their countries called them traitors. They never left the prison, and stole other countries' technology to create the perfect gundam, Bolt Gundam.

When Domon visits, they capture him and he escapes, but he fights and draws with Argo.

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