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Domon KasshuDomon Kasshu (Mobile Fighter G Gundam)
King of Hearts
20 years old (born July 24, FC39)20 years old (born July 24, FC39)
5'10"180 cm
171 lbs78 kg
Type OType O
Gundam fighter pilot for Neo-Japan (pilots Shining Gundam)Gundam fighter pilot for Neo-Japan (pilots Shining Gundam)
"This hand of mine glows with an awesome power. Its burning grip tells me to defeat you."
Mark GathaTomokazu Seki
Mobile Fighter G GundamKidou Butoden G Gundam

Character Description: Domon Kasshu

Domon Kasshu is the main character in G Gundam. He represents of Neo-Japan in the 13th Gundam Fight. He has also trained for 10 years with Master Asia, pilot of the winning Gundam in the last Gundam Fight tournament. As a result, Domon is an expert in Kung Fu and has earned his teacher's title "King of Hearts". Not only does this help in battles on foot, but it enhances his abilities in the Gundam Fight.

His dual missions begin when he comes home from his training... only to learn that his mother is dead, his brother's missing (along with an experimental Gundam), and as a result his father's cryogenically frozen. His only solution is to represent Neo-Japan in the Gundam Fight tournament. If Domon wins the tournament, he'll have atoned for his father's errors and won his freedom. At the same time, he begins his search for his brother with that burning question: Why?

Skill-wise, he's one to look up to. Personality-wise, though, Domon is... a bit of a jerk. He's arrogant and snobbish, tends to bull his way through things (ask George de Sand about the time he and Domon first met), never treats his assistant and childhood acquaintance Rain with any degree of respect (at least it seems that way), and generally comes out looking rather boyish.

Unlike Mobile Suits, which are controlled traditionally, Mobile Fighters work like giant versions of the pilots themselves: their motions and mental commands monitored by a Mobile Trace system and a "sensor skin" that envelops the fighter during a match. Domon enters the tournament with Neo-Japan's Shining Gundam. It is equipped with head vulcans, machine cannons, and two beam sabers. Its strongest power, however, is in its hands: a power called the Shining Finger. Charged with energy, the Shining Finger can typically punch through many things with ease. The Shining Gundam is influenced by its pilot, though, so it has the potential to become even more powerful. All it will take is the right motivation for Domon and the Shining to go Hyper.

The increasing intensity of the tournament, however, necessitates a better Gundam to take up the fight. It comes in the form of the Burning Gundam [God Gundam]. The successor to Shining (it basically has some new abilities as well as improvements to the original ones), this Gundam will carry Domon through the rest of his adventures.

Character Description: Domon Kasshu

Domon is a traveling Gundam Fighter, still looking for his long-lost brother Kyoji Kasshu. He always keeps his calm, and when trouble is abound, he's always in on it. He's always being chased by hired guards of the fighters he faces, which are in most of the countries he visits.

As a pilot, his skills are unmatched, but the other side's weaponry can make up this difference in many places. As he travels, Domon meets new enemies and friends in every new place.

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