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Anime Profile: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE

USA Info
Japanese Info
Mobile Suit Gundam AGEKidō Senshi Gandamu AGE (ζ©Ÿε‹•ζˆ¦ε£«γ‚¬γƒ³γƒ€γƒ AGE)Mobile Suit Gundam AGEMobile Suit Gundam AGE
49 TV Episodes49 TV Episodes
October 9, 2011–September 23, 2012
SUNRISE, Mainichi Broadcasting System, Asatsu DK, Sotsu Co., Ltd.
Yoshiyuki Tomino, Hajime Yadate, Akihiro Hino
Susumu Yamaguchi
Action, Drama, MechaAction, Drama, Mecha
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Asemu Asuno βŠ• Asemu Asuno βŠ•
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Ayla Rose βŠ• Ayla Rose βŠ•
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Characters: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Asemu Asuno βŠ• Asemu Asuno βŠ• Kio Asuno βŠ• Kio Asuno βŠ•
Ayla Rose βŠ• Ayla Rose βŠ• Natola Einus βŠ• Natola Einus βŠ•
Desil Galette βŠ• Desil Galette βŠ• Seric Abis βŠ• Seric Abis βŠ•
Fezarl Ezelcant βŠ• Fezarl Ezelcant βŠ• Wendy Hertz βŠ• Wendy Hertz βŠ•
Flit Asuno βŠ• Flit Asuno βŠ• Woolf Enneacle βŠ• Woolf Enneacle βŠ•
Fram Nara βŠ• Fram Nara βŠ• Yurin L'Ciel βŠ• Yurin L'Ciel βŠ•
Grodek Ainoa βŠ• Grodek Ainoa βŠ• Zeheart Galette βŠ• Zeheart Galette βŠ•
Grodek Ainoa βŠ• Grodek Ainoa βŠ•

Description: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE

Gundam AGE takes place in the Advanced Generation (A.G.) Timeline and is the twelfth entry in the long-running Gundam franchise.Taking place in a generation that has colonized in space for an entire century, the people of AG have enjoyed long-lasting peace. That is until an unknown force begins a deadly attack on colonies all over space.

Flit Asuno is given a family heirloom and a great destiny that lay ahead of him. He gets his hands on a memory unit containing data for the Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. With help from the Earth Federation, he uses the Gundam to fight against this mysterious enemy and protect the people he cares about. It is the year AG 115, ahd Flit's home colony of Nora comes under attack from the invaders, reigniting a conflict that will span a century.....

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