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Japanese Info
Sally PoSally Po (Mobile Suit Gundam Wing)
19 years old19 years old
Medium BrownMedium Brown
5'5"165 cm
108 lbs49 kg
Military Doctor turned Resistance FighterMilitary Doctor turned Resistance Fighter
Moneca Stori (first 13 episodes); Samantha Ferris (after episode 13)
Episode 3: "Five Gundams Confirmed"Episode 3: "Five Gundams Confirmed"
Mobile Suit Gundam WingShin Kidou Senki Gundam W

Character Description: Sally Po

Sally Po enters the story as an Alliance military doctor who sees to the care (and captivity) of Heero Yuy, who had been picked up wounded and after attempting to destroy his Wing Gundam. She would be among the first to note Heero's highly unusual physical and psychological traits--particularly during his escape from the military hospital. She soon knew this was no ordinary young man. This is what drove her to seek him out during Colonel Une's trap at the New Edwards base: she tells Heero how to disarm the trap, and Heero manages to succeed with no time to spare.

After the OZ coup d'etat, she becomes part of a guerilla outfit in south Asian territories still fighting OZ. In the process, she meets another of the Gundam pilots: Wufei Chang. Like with Heero, her strength and words help to steer him back on course.

As the war moves into outer space, Sally becomes interested in ensuring the Gundams don't fall into enemy hands. She first tries to destroy Gundam Sandrock but encounters the Magwanac Corps. Realizing they were sent to recapture the Gundam and secure it for its pilot (Quatre), she lets them take it. She then learns of the whereabouts of the Wing Gundam but is captured while trying to locate it. This is when Lucrezia Noin enters the scene, also seeking the Wing in hopes of protecting the Sanc Kingdom. Again, seeing noble intent, Sally lets Noin take it. Eventually, she finds and secures the last abandoned Gundam--Trowa's Heavyarms--and will eventually help to reunite the Gundam with its pilot.

After the events of the series and by the time of Endless Waltz, Sally Po joins the new Preventers under the codename "Water".

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