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Japanese Info
JJei (ジェイ)J (Heat Guy J)
Heat Guy
Male (in appearance and manner)Male (in appearance and manner)
3 years old (source: stated by Daisuke in Episode 1) (appears about 40 Years)3 years old (source: stated by Daisuke in Episode 1) (appears about 40 Years)
Gray (artificial)Gray (artificial)
Gold, occasionally glowing red (mechanical)Gold, occasionally glowing red (mechanical)
Sanctioned Android of Judoh, Daisuke's PartnerSanctioned Android of Judoh, Daisuke's Partner
Bob PappenbrookTakayuki Sugo
Episode 1: "Guy"Episode 1: 街 ("City")
Heat Guy JHeat Guy J

Character Description: J

J is the city of Judoh's most unusual resident. Although the law in place in Judoh normally forbids the manufacture of androids and other sentient machines, one exception was made: J. He was constructed by Antonia Belucci of the SECT Corporation and assigned to the Bureau of Urban Safety's Special Unit: more specifically, as the partner of Daisuke Aurora.

This partnership goes beyond the job. J is part of a project to improve man-machine relations and demonstrate the potential benefits of sentient machines in the city. Daisuke shows himself to have a rather unique comeraderie with the android: not exactly friendship, but definitely stronger than simple partnership. Daisuke knows how to interact with J, and J is always there for Daisuke even when Daisuke doesn't realize help is needed.

As an artificial intelligence, J shows a considerable degree of personality development. He is constantly stating ideologies taught to him, treats his fellow members of the Special Unit with proper respect, and always remembers to compliment ladies. He's been ingrained with morality and a sense of justice (the fact he enforces the law is one reason his existence is tolerated). And J continues to learn. Should he encounter a new aspect of socialization, he always stores the memory of the encounter for future reference.

As a machine, J provides a wealth of information. He is almost always in contact with the Special Force's information server and the various networks available in Judoh. His optical sensors enable him to track and scan people and events from considerable distance. And his internal computer systems are also capable of hacking through various degrees of protection and encryption should the need arise. In this unique way, J provides brain as well as brawn.

As a warrior, J is legendary. He's garnered a reputation among the criminal underworld as the infamous "Heat Guy" because the exertion of his superhuman capabilities in combat builds considerable heat, which he usually vents as steam after he completes his work. When he vents or performs certain other exertions, his body has been known to emit an eerie sound resembling that of a siren or a wolf howl. He possesses no weapons systems; he fights simply with his android power and precision, and such a combination is usually extremely effective. To better fit into the city, he normally wears a false skin and hair, along with street clothes, a fedora, and a heavy trench coat. These are not vital to his operation, though, so when fire or trauma rip away his false skin, the machine underneath emerges: a truly intimidating sight to those not familiar with him.

Since J is a machine, he requires neither sleep nor a bed. Unless he is being maintained in SECT, he normally "rests" in the Special Unit's building, standing by the front door. And since he is designated as Daisuke's partner, he maintains a telemetric link to Daisuke's location and vital signs, enabling him to sense when Daisuke's in trouble.

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