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Anime Profile: High School of the Dead

USA Info
Japanese Info
High School of the Dead Gakuen Mokushiroku(学園黙示録HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD) High School of the Dead
12 TV episodes, 1 OVA episode 12 TV episodes, 1 OVA episode
  July 5, 2010–September 20, 2010
Section23/Sentai Filmworks(formerly ADV Films) Kadokawa Shoten, Madhouse Studios
  Daisuke Sato, Shoji Sato
  Tetsuro Araki
Drama, Ecchi, Paranormal Drama, Ecchi, Paranormal
Alice Maresato Alice Maresato
· · ·
Hiroshi Tamaru Hiroshi Tamaru
· · ·
Hisashi Igo Hisashi Igo
· · ·
Kiriko Miyamoto Kiriko Miyamoto
· · ·
Kohta Hirano Kohta Hirano
· · ·
Koichi Shido Koichi Shido
· · ·
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Anime Characters: High School of the Dead

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Alice Maresato Alice Maresato Saeko Busujima Saeko Busujima
Hiroshi Tamaru Hiroshi Tamaru Saya Takagi Saya Takagi
Hisashi Igo Hisashi Igo Shizuka Marikawa Shizuka Marikawa
Kiriko Miyamoto Kiriko Miyamoto Soichiri Takagi Soichiri Takagi
Kohta Hirano Kohta Hirano Tadashi Miyamoto Tadashi Miyamoto
Koichi Shido Koichi Shido Takashi Komuro Takashi Komuro
Miku Yuuki Miku Yuuki Yukiro Takagi Yukiro Takagi
Rei Miyamoto Rei Miyamoto Zeke --?--
Rika Minami Rika Minami    

Anime Description: High School of the Dead

What had begun as a normal school day suddenly turned into a viscous struggle for survival! An unusual disease has been loosed upon the land, turning ordinary people into cannibalistic zombies - and now some of them had found themselves at a Japanese high school! Now, as society deteriorates around them, a loose group of students and teachers struggles to fight fight for survival, using whatever means they can find... just so long as they don't end up as the zombies' lunch!

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